I took my older son to Santa Cruz today. He is starting a new chapter in his life. So am I.


NeghNeghoo said...

Good luck
ba behtarin arezooha

Mojgan said...

What a day! I can feel the mixed emotions Nazy jan, the beginning of a new chapter of life for both of you. I wish Kavian much success in this new world of his and I know you will find a fun way to fill your time with. I only wish I were closer to help you raise some hell girl! ;-)
I was just listening to Nazeri's song while looking at these pics. What an experience...
Smile my darling Nazy. Life is beautiful! :0)

Nazy said...

Parviz Jan:

You humble me my friend! Thanks so much for your good wishes. I should come by and get my dose of humor from your fabulous blogs! Soon.

Nazy said...

Mojie Jan:

You are so sweet! Thanks for coming by, and yesssss, let's get together and do something wild! I have much to learn, though I am a quick study!

He was so excited, it was hard to be sad, so I gave up! I think he is partying already, knowing him!

Thank you so much for your supportive words my friend. I am trying hard to grow up as we speak!

Daisy said...

He's starting one of the best times of his life. All my best wishes to him :)

Nikahang's Blog said...

Good luck!

Azita said...

Nazy Jan,

I wish you and your son the very best in life.

Love, peace and blessings