The Namjoo Weekend

I've been so bad with my blogs! I haven't written anything here for a few days and I so miss it! My life has been more complicated than usual, that's my only excuse. I have been on a rollercoaster of feelings and thoughts of late, making it hard to sit down and write. So...let's see... How can I make it up to my few loyal fans here?! I will share some pictures and some links with you, that's how! I hope it works!
First let me tell you about a couple of pieces I have written recently. One is a piece I wrote in my series "Kissing All The Frogs" on Iranian.com. The series, you might remember, are about relationships. I have tried being a little bolder in my writing, continuing to write more for myself than for others, as I need the growth challenge right about this time in my life! This one's called Men 101 which I wrote after Women 101. If you like, share your thoughts there or here, wherever feels more comfortable for you.
Next, I wrote a personal review of Mohsen Namjoo's concert in San Francisco this past Saturday night. Here it is. Speaking of Namjoo, I went to a party at sweet Shadi and Ardalan's house this weekend and met him there. Namjoo is truly a remarkable performer, and a shy and observant man in person. So, here are my photographs. Please forgive the haphazard ways in which they appear. I had a really hard time loading photos tonight.
At the Namjoo Concert, Saturday, September 6, 2008. Left to right, actor extraordinaire Behrouz Vossoughi, Alahazrat Mehran, beautiful VOA personality, Luna Shaad, and Arash Sobhani of Kiosk.
Friends at the Namjoo Concert, from left: Payam, Ehsan, Maryam, Jahanshah, beautiful Persian dance artist, Heather Rastovac, Mehran, and Reza.
At the Namjoo after party, from left Ehsan, Maryam, Jahanshah, and Mehran.
Behrouz Vossoughi posed for me at the Namjoo concert.
At Shadi and Ardalan's house...I know something went wrong with my camera here, but looking at the photos, I rather liked this one! From left: Amir Salamat of Beyond Persia, Arash Sobhani of Kiosk, Luna Shaad of VOA, and Ardalan Payvar of Kiosk.
Oh My God! This extraordinary musician, Shahrokh, played nostalgic tunes on the piano and on my heart! He was jamming with the other musicians at the party. Superb!
Beautiful and artistic couple, our hosts, Shadi Yousefian and Ardalan Payvar. Shadi is a successful photographer and a theater actress. Ardalan is a musician with Kiosk and a web designer. Beautiful young people.
From left: Sweet and talented mezzo-soprano and actress Raeeka Shehabi Yaghmai, Ardalan Payvar, and Arash Sobhani of Kiosk.
From left: Raeeka Shehabi Yaghmai, Arash Sobhani, and Mohsen Namjoo.
Mohsen Namjoo and his guitar.


Mohammad said...

Dear Nazy,
It's always a great pleasure to read your writings and get news about you and your beautiful life on your weblog. Now I feel so much embarassed not to have left my comments on your fantastic posts for such a long time. I guess I'm beginning to forget my English as I have focused too much on learning French!!!(one reason I hate to leave a hasty comment following your wonderful posts!!!).
Now I just meant to reiterate the fact that I always remember you with great respect and admiration. To me, you are a great mentor and a highly learned life coach.Thank you so much again for your inspiring and uplifting writings, thoughts, and feelings that you generously share with us.

Hyacinth said...

Nazy jan,

Thank you so much for posting the pictures and for your article on Namjoo's concert...unfortunately I could not go to the concert but I love his music and admire his courage in taking the risks that he takes...it is so refreshing to hear a true artist making such beautiful music! Thanks again for sharing the pictures :)

NeghNeghoo said...

Thanks for the informative photos. Jaaye maa khaali!

نیلوفر said...

Thanks . Nice pictures :-)

Aida said...

Nazy jaan,
Thanks for sharing the nice pics.
Your wiring is always motivating and pleasnig.
Take care,dear.

بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

نازي بسيار عزيزم
هميشه فکر مي کنم ارتباط داشتن با تو يعني ارتباط داشتن با صدها نفر
و خوندنت يعني خوندن ماجراي يه عالمه زندگي
پايدار باشي

! said...

nazy joonam ...
thanks for pictures they are perfect :)

Esfand` said...

I envy you =[
I love Mohsen Namjooo ... I love Arash Sobhani ...even today heard his eshghe e sorat several times... hes superb!
and Namjooo ... what shud I say ...I just envy you !
but as im on it :D ...so sooon I will catch up on it :P
have to go to their concerts.. darn mid west !

Thanks for sharing .... have a wonderful day!

احسان said...

سلام نازی جان
من چرا اینقدر کج ام؟

ahmad said...

Before reading the comments I had the same question as Ehsan! Is it again your camera Nazy-jan :D

I just read this post and realized how many articles by you I've missed. Good readings for a Sunday :)

Maral said...

Dear Nazy
I was searching for Kiosk music band when I came across your blog. I really loved it.specially the pictures that evoked a nostalgic emotion in me.I am a fan of Kiosk and I only know them through their music and the things I have read about them.It seems you have got a community in there.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your blog, You treated it somehow like a diary, and you have mostly wrote about how emotional or anxious you are.I think I am familiar with you language somehow.
My name is Maral I am a fine artist and I study in Malaysia now.The thing is I felt close to the way you easily express yourself. Maybe that's because I am working on Visual Diaries as my final MA program.Wish you the best with your blog.

Nazy said...

Dear Maral:

Thank you so much for coming to visit me and for your kind words. Your field of study sounds amazing to me. I am a fan of arts and artists. Please come by and visit with me whenever you feel like it. I haven't been very good in keeping up my blogs lately, but I'm working on it!

My blogs here are my personal space where I can express myself. I also write for iranian.com which is a website dedicated to new, information, and arts of/about Iran. This is my homepage there if you find the time to visit. If you go down the list, you can find all my photo albums of events which I have covered as a (very) amateur reporter, several of which are about Mohsen Namjoo and Kiosk both in their professional appearances and as my friends in my home. If you can't find them in the long list let me know and I will point them out to you. Have a good day!



Maral said...

Dear Nazi
thank you for writing.I saw your page on Iranian.com, But I didn't find the reports about Kiosk.
I will keep reading your blog.I really enjoy the way you tell your stories.
take care

Maral said...

Now I found one:)

Nazy said...

Maral Jan:

Here's one on Namjoo:

And here's one on my friends:

I hope you enjoy them! Have a wonderful Sunday my friend.

maral said...

Thank you so much dearest Nazi:)