Life By Trial And Error

Here's a clip of Mohsen Namjoo's concert, singing Daheh Shast (1980's). My friend Sabereh Kashi made this clip and it's on Vimeo. Beyond Persia's Lale Welsh and Amir Salamat are the Executive Producers. I borrowed this from Iranian.com. Enjoy!

September is such a busy month for me. I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off! I have to help my son prepare for taking off for UC Santa Cruz by September 20th, and our little home is buzzing with activities having to do with his departure. Last minute details and advice are all we do these days. There's so much he needs to know, so much I should tell him. He will be on his own, taking care of himself. He will have to do so many things for himself now. Will he remember all the things I'm telling him? Does it matter, really? I mean how much of life has to be facilitated by loving adults and how much of it has to be learned through trial and error? I don't mind his trials, it's the errors I fear! Heeh! I left my parents' home when I was 18, and it wasn't to go to college in a town 2 hours away--it was to get married and have a life of my own! I remember my father's tears on my wedding night. He asked me why the rush? He asked whether my life with my family and at that house had been so bad I felt compelled to leave it so soon?! He asked me why I wouldn't give him a chance to do the things for me which he had done for his other children? I couldn't understand his and my mother's worries about my upcoming trials and errors! They were the best parents anyone could wish for. Their home was the most loving home ever. Yet, I had to go. I had to leave, because love beckoned me. I did attempt many trials in my life, many of which turned into errors! But I'm forever grateful for the chance to go, to take off, to go see things, to learn things, to suffer, yes, but also to enjoy, to become the person that I became.
I want the same things for my son and his brother, even if I know they will face walls and disappointments and pains along the way, for they will also experience joy and fulfillment they could never feel living in my nest. I want my sons to be happy.


NeghNeghoo said...

Yes that's the glory of life in full throttle.
Learning is full of joy and pain. May the joy overcome!

! said...

nazy joonam ...
yeah agree with neghneghoo !
wow such a wonderful clip and music thanks for sharing ...
Be good

nasim said...

Nazy jan,

thanks for the link. I listened to it several times. it was a great concert.. I also read your "men 101". you have such a talent! it was a beautiful piece. I enjoyed it a lot.
I wish the best for your son. He is gonna turn into a real man before you even realize.

Robert said...

Thank you for this, Nazy, it was what I needed. Trial and error makes one feel alive and in control of one's own life. I am glad you are ready to give your sons that opportunity and I am sure they will accidentally notice after some of their errors how good your advice was ;)
btw I also really enjoyed "men 101".
Have a wonderful September!

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
حق همینست که گفته ای.تربیت فرزند به داشتن استقلال رای و خرد،آنها را به استفاده از تجربه بزرگتران سوق می دهد.چه زیبا احساسات پاک پدر و مادر خوبت را بیان کرده ای و زیباتر احترام ایشان را به استقلال خودت ،به همان عشق که تو را خوانده بود.همان که آسان نمود اول ولی افتاد مشکلها.
پایدار و برقرار(بخوان بیقرار) باشی

Nastaran said...

Hiiiii dear Nazy.
I think trial and error is the best way for us to learn things. We remember the things our adults tell us sometimes after our trials and some times before that! I hope your son is clever enough to remember all the things you’re telling him before trials and have a great departure next week and great experiences in his whole life.
(I’m trying to write in English and I’m not good at English. So I do apologize for my mistakes in my writing:))

Daisy said...

salam Nazy jon,
I meant to write this comment the first time I saw your post. But I was busy and didn't have the chance. Anyway, I think I got the dates mixed up and forgot the first day of school is different over there. You must still be busy with your son and his departure. I wish him a safe trip and a successful journey in the academic world:)

the title,"Life by trial and error", carries a very nice message. It makes me to be less hard on myself and more forgiving.

ahmad said...

When I first saw the title of this post I thought you'd be referring to the clip and the song: those who lived 80's back home experienced the trial and error of the newly established system... It's a nice song with lots of memories from those days.

Your son will be enjoying the trial and error of life as much as you did... Moreover, he has your support and advise only 2-hours away!

Need to check what 'men 101' is that I've missed. Is it an earlier post?

Happy mid September :D

nimshab said...

Nazy joon, this is great! I wish all the best for your sons. All of us I guess appreciate what we were told at one point in our lives, the advices we did not listen to at the time, that they were ligitimate and valuable.

Fariba said...

Hi Nazi

long time no news. i really miss you.
i sent my son off to London 6 months ago. he was not yet 18 when he left home. so i know very well how you feel.