Happy Autumn!

A man prepares Reshteh and Khoshkar in Rasht Bazaar during Ramadan. Photo by Amin Alipour, Iranian.com, September 2006.
The Iranian calendar month of Mehr, Libra (Septemer 21-October 20), has a special place in my heart. Not particularly because I was born late in this month, but because many people who matter to me are born in it. First day of Mehr also marks the first day of school in Iran, which holds sweet memories for me and my children. Mehr also signifies the beginning of autumn and all that becomes beautiful during this month in nature. Last, but not least, it also signals the start of the new season in performances and events. I have so many things to which I am invited these days. I will try to list some of those events for those of you who live in this area tomorrow, so that you can go if you get a chance.
From the changing colors of leaves to the nip which can be felt in the air, from birthdays to new beginnings and to a calendar full of fun things to do, I love everything that happens in this month and in this season. I wish you all a beautiful Mehr, a wonderful autumn, and a fantastic new beginning. Happy Mehr and Happy Autumn!


Mohammad said...

Dear Nazy,
Happy Mehr to you too!!!
I'm so much excited to find you were born in Mehr too, I'm a 27 e mehri! How interesting it is that there is a deep sense of sympathy among those close to us who are born in Mehr!!Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and feelings with us.
Enjoy yourself and Have a fantastic Mehr

Azita said...

Nazy Jan,

Mehr o paeez mobarak
have a blissful October and fall
happy birthday and best wishes for an unforgettable autumn

p.s. I was born on the 27th of Mehr too. ;)

all the best…

آدم گلابی said...

my dearest Nazi,

how i missed reading you! i am back! Happy Mehr to you too! i have to catch up with ur soul lifting posts!

نیلوفر said...

Hi Nazy joon ,

Thanks for coming :) . Well !Hmm...I think "seh noghte " Is the best name for these kind of days --There are some things that don't look well , But I can say to myself that everything is fine . It will be better :)

I am busy with my job and all those crazy projects , these days . Thanks goodness!!! It is good ... Also I am trying to fix that " kaj dar o mariz " positon ,which is ... "seh noghte" . Sometimes I am thinking I brought all the Iranians economic problems to here. Heehee ,My souvenir to america .

By the way , " Az harche bogzarim ,sokhan doost khaoshtar ast "...
I am still looking for that " Piadeh ravi " .I am sure It will happen on its best day .

Love you "Motevallede mahe mehre azizam"