Dance Woman, Dance.....

I leave you all with this beautiful image of my amazing young friend, and her friends, dancing on stage in Tehran, during the Fajr Theater Festival's closing ceremonies in Tehran last February. This performance was described as "harakaat nemaayeshi", which is the "Islamic" way of describing dance (raqs). You know how that goes, if you call it something else, it will be less sinful! Pictures were taken by Omid Salehi in Tehran, and if you want to look at all 20 pictures in the series, you can see them here: http://www.iranian.com/Salehi/2003/February/Dance/ . Have a good weekend.
(I know Mehran tried to teach me how to avoid putting the entire URL here, but I didn't learn, I'm afraid!)


Alahazeat haj agha said...

by mehran you meant Alahazrat right?

Nazy said...

Hahaha! Yes, Sir, hamoon Ishoon, His Excellency! Are you being an owl again? (and look who's talking!).

Alahazrat said...

Yeah Alahazrat is marde shab again

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joon!

1000 of Thanks and sorry for my delay.

I can't find your email address! (Kheng Shoodam)

My email is roja_film@yahoo.com. I prefer sending my address to your email.

I don't have the cook book either!