My Name Is Not Nazli

And since I am usually in a pretty cheerful mood, and today I am obviously overtaken by this rare dark bad mood, I should also take this opportunity to say that I wished the person who keeps calling me and can't understand why I won't return his phone calls and emails would know that my name is Nazy, and it's spelled N A Z Y. It is not Nazli or Nazanin, nor is it spelled NAZI (really, who would ever choose to be called a Nazi on purpose?), and my last name is not Karimi, as he tried to introduce me to someone a few weeks ago when I ran into them at a lecture. At my age, I appreciate the importance of time in deepening and furthering relationships and fostering understandings, so I am not disillusioned about meeting new people and expecting them to know me very well immediately. But a person's name seems to be a very good place to start all that, don't you think? Darkly, Nazy


serendip said...

I hate it when people butcher your name...take care.

Anonymous said...

I found this site to see if anyone else is in the same boat. I have the unfortunate name of Nazli as well-my parents didn't think I'd live half of my life in the West (US then UK) and if I had a publication for the number of times I've been called Nazi or Nazil, I'd be tenured at Harvard. I assume you are of Turkish origin, so am I. I wish my parents had thought to give a more reasonable name that could be Westernized like Sebla or Deniz.sigh.