How Can You Tell When You Are On A Date?

I had a nice co-worker who left our office and moved to a job in the City a few months ago. In February, he called me to schedule a dinner to “celebrate our new jobs.” Since then, our appointment has been moved around three times by virtue of scheduling conflicts we have both had. I am going to see him for an early dinner in Berkeley tonight. I told my co-worker about my dinner with this guy, and she insists that I have a “date” with him. I think this is “dinner with a friend,” because I am meeting my friend for dinner. I know I’m really out of practice, but wouldn’t I somehow know it if I went on a date? This was so hilarious I went around laughing to myself for a while this afternoon! But now, all of a sudden, I'm starting to worry, hoping that there are no misunderstandings, feeling self-conscious. Yikes. I’m too old for this “single” business.


Assal said...

The moment you'll know whether or not it is a date is when the check arrives.

If he pays, it's a date.

If you split, it's not a date, unless he's American...then, I don't know....!

serendip said...

You're so cute...nazy jan. What if it was date? And what if it wasn't? Is he American? Do you want it to be a date???LOL

What's the worst case scenario?

Enjoy it, regardless.

Nazy said...

O.K. I'm back. Go on, you guys, tease me! As it turns out, I was right to have developed an apprehension about this. The worst case scenario, Serendip, is when two people sitting across from each other are on different wavelengths, and all the energy of the hour is spent trying to overcome that difference. In a way, marriages and relationships that go wrong are also the same way, only there, lifetimes are sometimes spent on overcoming this wavelength difference! I won't be doing this again for a while, that much I know. If I were younger, I would be flattered. Now, though, I would rather be brutally honest than to endure something I don't want. Yikes. Live and learn. My home feels so good tonight.