Last Saturday, after sleeping for only 4 hours, my son woke me up at 7:00 a.m., frantic with worry because we had overslept. I had to drive him to the train station. We took longer than expected to leave, so at 7:25, thinking that I will just have to drive for 5 minutes to BART and back, and hopefully I can go back to bed and get some more rest, I decided to get behind the wheel in my pajamas. Who will see me at this hour on a Saturday morning? No one, I told myself. We got in the car and started the drive. He was really anxious that he won’t be able to be at work in Hayward by 9:00 a.m. So, in a moment of tender motherly love, I decided to drive him to work, 40 miles away. We listened to music and chatted. We went to McDonald’s to get him some breakfast, and I dropped him off at his work right on the dot at 9:00 a.m. Mission accomplished!
I was driving back when I realized I was hearing strange sounds. I was trying not to think about having a flat tire. I was thinking it would be so awful to have to get out of my car to change the flat tire in bright daylight on I-580, IN MY PAJAMAS! It was one of those things where I was hoping NO ONE would come and help me, as I didn’t want them to see me in my blue pajamas with yellow polka dots! My raincoat was in the car. I thought I would put it on and change the tire. The bright sunlight and the already warm day were worrying me about how warm it would be to have thermal pajamas AND a long raincoat on, while trying to change a flat tire, a task already too overbearing to contemplate! I pulled to the shoulder. I climbed out of the passenger side and got out. I looked at my tires. None of them were flat. I climbed back in and got going, feeling hot and stressed. Driving the 40 miles back home was filled with the worry of having to face the world in my pajamas! I got home all shaken up, and promised myself to NEVER do that again.


rahnavard said...

yek khatereye beyad mundani...
man ke koli khandidam. kheili bamaze tarif karde budin.hamishe shad bashin

rasti man agha nistam. albate hagh darin fazaye weblog man zanane nist.
baz ham mamnoonam az nazaratetun.

Nazy said...

Salam Rahnavard Jan! I hope I wasn't offensive in calling you a man! Your gender makes no difference to me, as your heart is in the right place my dear! Your intelligence and warmth pulls your audience. I stand corrected, however! Thanks for reading my post. I was laughing hard as I was leaving the "Effat & Esmat" comment in your blog! Be good.

Leva said...

You know Nazi jan, I have to be in formal dress all week in my work place, so I am just waiting for Friday afternoon to take everything off! I hate wearing bra o jeans . I am in Pajama all weekend . I do all my shopping, and sometimes my husband should beg me to change my pijama to go to a fine resteurant.
Take it easy baba jan.

Tameshk said...

That was scary.

My nightmare though was and is going to work or school in my yellow slippers !

Togie said...

khaleh jon, hahaha, I guess you didn't hear the story of our accident on the I-5 with the Mahboubeh. An accident: Me in pajamas and high heels. it was a scene, wish you were there.