Life and Hope

I am off for the weekend, ending a hard week. I leave you with the image of a young Iranian woman, dancing at a Nowrooz Celebration this past March in Philadelphia. Isn’t she just beautiful? If you look at all the pictures, you will see better photos of the dancers, but I liked this one the best because the dancer’s face is so full of life and hope in this picture. As you may be able to tell, because dance makes me happy, I tend to prescribe some representation of it to others, hoping that it would make them happy, too!*
I hope you have a good weekend, full of rest, love, hope, and accomplishment. As for me, I will be doing chores and errands, some volunteer work, and visiting with my sisters who will be in town. I have an incomplete piece of writing which has been hard to finish. I might work on finishing it this weekend, or better yet, I might just push delete on it and start all over again! I might go see a movie, too, if I can. Any recommendations? Be good y’all and take care.
*I’m not the only one who thinks dancing will take our minds off the recent events, as it turns out! Check this out: http://nikahang.blogspot.com/2007/04/all-that-jazz.html .
(Photo by Omid Alavi, published in Iranian.com http://www.iranian.com/Diaspora/2007/April/Phil/index.html)


MEHRAN said...


Nazy said...

Hah! You did well, Mehran (in the lus Department!). O.K. So that's why you aren't writing new posts, I understand! My friend, Linda, came by tonight and we had such a good time, celebrating life. She has been my friend for the longest time, and we have a blast each time we get together, I think we shock our children to hear so much noise and laughter! You know, shared memories of years, each one making us laugh and reminisce. She brought pictures of a Halloween party years ago in which we were dressed and made-up outrageously at work! She was the best thing the doctor ordered for me to snap out of this rut I've been in all week. Gloom and doom, doom and gloom, enough already! As for studies, better you than me, my dear! Go to it at once! Good luck my friend. Continue with your posts of your memories when you have time. I simply love reading them. I'll see you next Friday--I can't wait! Have a super weekend Mehran. I have every intention of having one myself!

دخترخوب said...

it is so nice to be full of life. dance is one of the most important ways to get energy and be happy.
your comment for mrs shin was wonderfull. good luck.

Nazy said...

Dokhtare Khoob: Thank you for coming to visit. I am honored. I love Mrs. Shin's blog! She is so full of life and love for her toddler, but this love does not impede the budding writer inside her. The combination of love, intelligence, and good writing is completely irresistible! Thanks again for your comment. Be good.

Fariba said...

Dear Nazy:

Hope you are well, having a nice time with your sisters and good luck with your chores. You asked for recommendations on a movie. Well, I don’t know what’s for show over there, but I saw a very good movie the other night. I am sure you would like it, and I am sure you can rent it from a DVD club if not watch it in a theatre. It is called “Stranger than fiction”; with Dustin Huffman and Emma Thompson.

By the way, is this the second time I’m recommending it? If so, forgive me. You know that my memory is not to be fully trusted.

Take care

Nazy said...

Fariba Jan! Thanks for the recommendation. No it was only your first time! I bet I can rent it and watch it. But when I get ready to "go to the movies," I am talking about the unequalled American experience of going into a properly air-conditoned movie theatre, buying myself a tub of popcorn, and going to sit in a theatre where sound and picture have decent quality, forgetting the rest of the world for those two hours that I'm in there. Someone recommended "Fractured" with Anthony Hopkins. If I don't get to go by Sunday night, I'm renting the movie you recommended! Love you girl.

حامد said...

سلام بر نازی
حالا اگر ما نظر فارسی بدیم حتما یه جوریه...خوب چی کنیم .خارج نشین نیستیم که.ما در همین ایران سیاه شده زندگی میکنیم.مطلبت رو دست و پا شکسته خوندم.نازی اگر فارسی هم بنویسی بد نیست.البته نمیدونم اصلا فارسی بلدی یا نه.به هر حال ارزوی بهترین ها رو برات دارم.
شاد باش و دیر زی

Nazy said...

Salam Aghaye Hamed:

Man Farsi behtar az englisi baladam, fekr konam! Kheili delam mikhad Farsi ham benevisam. Shayad ta yeki do mahe digeh in kar ro bekonam. Man be englisi minevism ta Iran va Iranian ro be donyaye englisi zaboon behtar neshoon bedam, chon kheili sooe tafahom hast va bazi ha nemidoonan ma cheghadr adam haye ba savad va ba sho-oor va hassas darim keh mesle hameye adam haye digare donya az chiz haye bad mitarsan va be chiz haye khoob omid darand. Hamintor dar Iran, kheili ha be khareji ha bi etemad hastan, dar soorati keh kheili az khareji ha be Iran va Irani va honar va keshvare Iran alaghemand hastand. Merci keh didane man amadin. Shad bashin.

Anonymous said...

dear nazy,
thanks for beutiful photos
have nice weekend, have fun

Nazy said...

Oh, what an honor Bairamali! Thanks for coming to visit! I see that you are burning the midnight oil, too. I am working on something important with a deadline. What is your excuse? I hope you have a good weekend, too, my friend. Your blog is a really light and fun space to visit. I love it, too, that I can type Farsi there! Be good and thanks again.