Love and Trains

I arrived early to meet someone at the train station. I pulled into a parking space to wait. I noticed a young couple across the way in a loving embrace by their parked car. All around the world, two people embracing each other like that in a train station means that they are getting ready to separate. How I hate separations! How unfair they are! The couple were holding each other for dear life, it seemed. They were talking, and each of them seemed to be all ears and all eyes for what the other one was saying. It was so sweet to see them be so attentive to each other. How sweet it is when in the “head over heels” days of love, everything one says is a beautiful symphony to the other! They were kissing each other, too, lots and lots of times! I averted my eyes, but continued to feel all warm and happy for the obvious love between the two of them. I was thinking about how blissfully unaware the two of them were of the perils of love! I thought that this hour, this moment, and this instant, were beautiful moments of love and understanding between these two people, and that this is really wonderful. Never mind the ensuing misunderstandings and the pain and suffering of the breakup which seem inevitable when love is happening between such young people. I won’t worry about that right now, I thought, because obviously, they weren’t worrying about it, either! The kisses and embraces and the words continued. The train pulled into the station and I looked up the escalator to check the arriving passengers. Then I looked across at the couple again. They were both in the car, driving away together! I smiled a big smile to myself. No separations tonight.


serendip said...

I love happy endings. I feel all warm and fuzzy.;-)

Assal said...

How surprised I was at the end! Bravo!