Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!

A few days before Seyyed Ebrahim Nabavi wrote “Dear Hossein, You Are Not an Israeli Spy” in his website, I tried to convey more or less the same message in an article published in Iranian.com. Hossein Derakhshan is not a spy, a traitor, or a snitch, as he has been labeled. He is a flamboyant man who loves Iran and writes sensational material, some days with a sharp sense of timing, and some days not. Is he a journalist? Certainly his style leaves something to be desired in that department, precisely the reason why so many people take offense at his quick-witted and unchecked criticism of others. Whether he likes it or not, there are standards to be followed in the field of journalism, starting with form, continuing to content, and evolving into careful reflection of facts, sources, and conclusions. So much of that seems to be absent from his material, especially one of his April 2007 posts, which Iranian.com has published. I am glad Hossein has stepped out of his blog and has submitted his article for publishing at Iranian.com. This gives us a chance to approach him on a more public and uninhibited level, something that is difficult to do when we step into his blog, where articulate as his audience is, standards of polite tolerance and exchange of ideas are often glaringly unobserved. ......................... Read the rest of this article here: http://www.iranian.com/Kaviani/2007/April/Derakhshan/index.html If you are in Iran and you can't access iranian.com, please leave me a comment and I'll email the article to you.


Tameshk said...

Nazy Joon Hi

Nice piece!

I agree with your analysis of Hoder; certainly needs to grow up.

I also see that he is not even Editing Himself. So I think the point is not the ability to work in a team or with others. The point is realizing that I(Hoder), Like everyone else plus God, need to reread and revise my methods, values and beliefs.

Nazy said...

Salam Tameshk Jan! Thank you for coming and thank you for your kind comment! I do love and respect the generation of brilliant young Iranians who have Iran's future in their hands. Occasionally, and hopefully not too frequently, I provide advice hoping that they will grow to be the leaders Iran so desparately needs. I should say that I don't want to do it too often, as I hate the role of the grouchy old lady! Tameshk, on another note, in unpacking my library, I found a small book on Gilan, and I want to send it to you. Please send me an email with your address.

Tameshk said...

Thanks ! I will.

rahnavard said...

salam nazy jan
kheili kheili mamnnon az lotfetun. sharmandam mikonin. man khodam ro layegh tarifhaye shoma nemidunam. man be andaza shoma ravan va shirin va mosalat neminevisam. eteraf mikonam hamishe nomre ensham kamtarin nomre tu kanamam bude, vali neveshtan ro doost daram va agar forsat shod bishtar minevisam.
baz ham mamnoon.
movaffagh bashid.

SERENDIP said...

Derakhsahn is a very confused soul with zero sense of self-awarness. He is malignantly narcisstic which is going to limit his potential in whatever he does. He is also irresponsible when he engages in spreading disinformation and maligning other's charcter while he has none to speak of.

Anonymous said...

Am afraid you are wrong Nazy. Derakhshan is a traitor. First of all to the spirt of free speech and freedom and second to Iran. Look at his blog entry dated June 11th on Ali Shakeri (who as I write is languishing in an Iranian Security Service jail with possibly his life at stake. What does Derakhshan do ... he attempts to portray Ali Shakeri as a spy or opponent of the Islamic regime. To do something this wrong is beyond the pale and this needs to be brought to the attention of Derakhshan the next time he swans into the US on the liberal chat circuit. In the meantime dont white wash him.