Easy Saturday

Sohan factory in Qom, March 31, 2008.
It is a beautiful day where I live. Mild and sunny, full of the sound of birds singing on the trees outside my windows. I am organizing my house and taking it easy. A little later I will have to finish a story I have been writing for a while, crossing it from my list of commitments. It's been a busy week for me with work. I also took care of some social visits which I had been putting off for a while, much to my friends' chagrin.
Thank you all for your kind replies to my plea for help in choosing a name for my car. Your comments helped me pick a name for it. I will introduce him to you soon. Someone wrote me a letter, suggesting that I call my car "Dol Dol," which I think was the name of Hazrat-e-Ali's horse. I thank him for his suggestion, but I think it would be a hard name to call a car!
I wish you all a peaceful and happy weekend, surrounded by those you love. In case it has been a while since you told them, please get on with the task of confessing your love. When you hear a confession in return, you'll know just how lucky you are. Enjoy your weekend y'all.


مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم

فراغت بایدت جا در سر کوی قناعت کن
سر کوی قناعت گیر تا باشی فراغت کن
اگر خواهی که هردشوارآسان بگذرد برتو
خدنگ جور گردون را لقب سهم سعادت کن
اگرکوتاه خواهی ازگریبان دست غم وحشی
چومن باکسوت عریان تنی خوگیروعادت کن

انوری هم دراین معنا گفته

خویشتن در بند نیک و بد مکن از بهر آنک
زشت وخوب و وصل وهجران دردودرمان بگذرد
روزگاری میگذارامروزازآن نوعی که هست
کانچه مردم برخودآسان کردآسان بگذرد
گرچه درپیمان تست ایندم چنان غافل مباش
کین جهان مختصر آباد ویران بگذرد
ماه رویا تکیه بر عشق من و خوبی خویش
بس مکن زیرا که هم این و هم آن بگذرد

این قطعه با موضوع خاتم انگشتری هم تناسب دارد،آنموقع پیدا نکردم

Do what you want,Be what you are.

Anonymous said...

نازی خانم عزیز
ما از این سوهانها یه عالم خونمون داریم بفرستم براتون؟

Leva Zand said...

Hi Nazy joonam,
Did you get my email? I m still waiting for your answer.
sorry this is not related to your post, but since that was the second email, i m just wondering if you receive them or not.
i miss you so much. kisses on your beautiful face.

Assal said...

Thank you for the picture of the sohan, Nazy Joon! It's my favorite sweet to eat alongside tea. Mmm...

No offense to the person who suggested it, but I'm glad you decided not to go with "Dol Dol"; it just is too easy to confuse with another phrase :)

So...what HAVE you decided on?

I have my uncle and his wife staying with me this weekend with their beautiful little personality of a puppy, Asghar Agha...! I am glad they're here, but I was sneaking some time away in the middle of the night to see how you were!

Miss you.

يكي مثه همه said...

woow in sohana adamo be havas mindazaaan
man asheghe sohanam
age chayi bashe ye varghasho kamel mikhoramm...
wish you the best