A Joyous Monday

Iced latte at my computer at work, this afternoon.
We have been having such beautiful, mild weather in these parts, even in Berkeley which is freezing on most days of the year if you ask me! I started a new week with happiness. I went to visit my sisters yesterday and found out that my nephew Farid's wife is expecting their first child. How exciting! Immediately after hearing this good news I was informed by my sisters that there will also be a wedding in our family this September! My cousin's sweet daughter, Afsoon, seems to have finally found her mate! I complained that I know nothing about what's happening in this family! I was advised that it is my long absences which keep me from knowing all that I want to know! That was a low blow, but I deserved it. Ouch! I'm happy just the same! A new baby (well, in about 5 months!) and an aroosi, how can things get any better in a family? The best things in life come not as a result of wealth, but as a result of heart; that's what I think.
This week I will be taking two trips to Southern California, once on Wednesday for a one-day business trip and again on Friday to attend a writers' workshop and meeting this weekend. I will report on anything exciting I might see! Be good y'all and have a good Tuesday!


Noonoosh said...

I am longing that Latte of Yours ...Aroosi and Bebe ..how exciting .........Enjoy both

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
آنها هم همینقدر از شما بی خبرند؟
لابد وبگردی نمی کنند.کمی عجیب است !از شما با اینهمه ارتباطات پذیرفتنی نیست
صابروا و رابطوا