Color of Love

My younger son and his friend, Pouria, colored our haft sin eggs tonight.
When my children were growing up, we would have Nowrooz Egg Coloring Parties. Their many friends would come, with or without their hard-boiled eggs, and we would set out to create "art" on eggs, spending a few hours of laughter, joy, and friendship together right after their exams were done. I am among many people now who have beautiful memories of those parties.
Tonight I set out to color the eggs by myself, not even bothering to ask my grown-up kids to be a part of the little ceremony. I was surprised to see my younger son come into the kitchen with his friend Pouria and seeing the little project in progress, taking over! So, they did the job in the manner of disorganized and sloppy young men, as expected. But the gesture was so sweet, I couldn't help being touched. So, I let them do as they pleased. Imperfectly colored and showing white spots, they are among the most beautiful eggs I have ever had for my haft sin, because this year I am sure my eggs are painted with the color of love. Have a good Tuesday everybody.
P.S. I'm going to Berkeley Persian Center's annual Charshanbeh Soori celebrations tomorrow. If you live in this area, don't miss the biggest event of the year for Iranian community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Come early to find parking. Though you can't possibly miss it, it is at the 2000 block of Durant in Berkeley, between Shattuck and Milvia. Zardi-e man az to, Sorkhi-e- to az man!


مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
رنگ عشق ،رنگ خداست،رنگ یکرنگی ست،رنگ همراهی ست،رنگ دلهای پاک و جانهای شیفته ست.
شعری از شفیعی کدکنی در آن باغ کذایی گذاشته ام .کمی طولانیست و من الان وقت ندارم اینجا بگذارم.
سال پر از شادکامی برای تو و همه دوستانت آرزو دارم.
راستی آن کلیپ را نتوانستم آپلود کنم ببخشید.بعد اگر شد،بشود اما حالا نشود!

nasim said...

Salaam Nazy joon,

looks like you are gonna have a beautiful haft-sin! your post reminded me so much of the new year in Iran. I wish I was there now. I have not had a chance to spend the norouz in Iran for the last 9 year.. I hope I can do that next year.
pishapish norouz mobarak!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful, sweet, Noroozi posts!
Thanks Nazy jan for all the joy you bring through your words. I also colored my eggs last night by a coloring kit! first time ever to try this and color my eggs so fast! I used to do it with water color when I was small (I have so much missed those days...)
Wishing you very good days.

MAryAM said...

It's 4am in the morning and less than 24 hours from my surprise visit for Norouz giving my parents heart attacks by my sudden appearance at the door! :D
I'm so happy to be home and I once again want to thank you for all the joy you bring to my life through your wonderful words.
Wish you everlasting peace and happiness Nazi Jan.

Anonymous said...


Your recent posts are so sweet and lovely... I wish you a wonderful time in the Charshanbe Soori event.


Nazy said...

Salam Masoud Jan:

Happy Nowrooz! I did go by and read that beautiful poem, and I left you a note there, too.

Thank you so much for your good wishes for the new year. Thank you also for taking the trouble to make that videotape. Whenever you can send it, it's fine. Thank you.

Nowroozat Pirooz Masoud-e-Aziz. I'm so glad I got to know you in 1386.

Nazy said...

Beautiful Shirazi Pardis:

I'm so glad to see you here again! Eidet Mobarak aziz-e delam. I'm glad you are in the right spirit to celebrate Nowrooz.

I hope the new year brings you and your family much love, joy, and prosperity. Be happy beautiful Pardis.

Nazy said...

Nasim Jan:

Eidet mobarak azizam! Hee Hee, I tried hard, but I don't know how successful I was! It was so good to see you and Jay at the Charshanbeh Soori event in Berkeley. I hope you feel less homesick now that you know the large community amidst which you are living.

I hope the new year brings you and Jay much success, love, and prosperity. Can't wait to see you again my sweet friend.

Nazy said...

Naughty Maryam!

What a wonderful surprise you paid your family! Home for Nowrooz--that's fabulous!

I hope the New Year brings you and yours a load of happiness and wonderful surprises all year-round.

Eidet mobarak and Nowroozat Pirooz Maryam Jan.

Nazy said...

Shahrzad Joonam:

The Charashanbeh Soori event was really wonderful! Jatoon khali bood! Here's the link of the pictures and I am in one of them, too! http://www.iranian.com/main/albums/berkeley-fire

Have a wonderful new year azizam.