I met 11 month-old Kiana at my friend, Monir's shop on Thursday, while waiting for her to get off work. A little bored, I decided to teach Kiana how to snap her fingers. She learned in just a few minutes! Here's her final exam results!
It's Saturday, and in lieu of my Friday post, I would like to tell you the story of my disappearance on Friday. My friend and I were driving somewhere together when we had an accident last night. We are both fine with some minor bruises and cuts, but we are alive and off to the business of life. Spending time in the hospital emergency room and coming home on high heels and a bloody party dress with disheveled hair and an aching body may not have been my idea of a good way to spend a Friday night, but it's nothing compared to what could have happened! Thank God.
You know, life is amusing and a lot more fragile than we tend to think. All the seriousness with which we treat life becomes a comedy when you think that in a matter of just a few seconds, lives can be altered, and sometimes ended, abruptly. Makes me think about taking the joyous moments more seriously and the more serious moments, well, not so seriously! As I crawled into bed last night, foregoing my Friday post and putting my achy body under my familiar blanket, I was thinking that a simple routine act, such as going to bed in your own bed could be a comfort which could so easily be taken away if you have to spend a night in the hospital. Life is too short and too fragile to spend it worrying and thinking bad thoughts and becoming angry and stressed out. Each moment must be enjoyed and celebrated as if it's our last. That's what I think. Look at that baby, Kiana, learning how to snap her fingers for the first time in her young life. I hope she learns to live life happily, enjoying herself and doing the dance of life with all the requisite beshkans! I am well, I am alive, my friend is well, all the others in the other car are fine, and I have cause to celebrate, to do a dance of my own. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

A canticle and the romance.

When the sunshine
returns in the
light of a gentle
delight, remember
the sound of a
rosy notepaper,
discover the wisdom
in the care of a
beautiful darkness
and so, in the sky,
that delicate dream
will touch your

Francesco Sinibaldi

Shobeir said...

Flowers are like poppies spread
You seize the blooms are shed
or like the snowfall on the river
one moment white, then gone forever.

By C. Burn
خوشی ‌ها چو گل زود گیرد شکست
بریزد پرش چون بگیری به دست
و یا همچو برفی قشنگ و سپید
درخشد دمی و شود نا پدید
I've used many sentences from this post as my blast and 360 blog post!
Wish you health and shadi and joyful dance and If u want a bit of love!

Leva said...

eva khak bar saram. chi shod? eee.

Anonymous said...

حالا خوبی؟
شکر خدا که تصادف شدید نبوده..

بوس بوس


Anonymous said...

کاشکی همه حرفاتو که عین حقیقته همیشه به یاد داشته باشم.



serendip said...

I will come back to read this often as it is soaked with wisdom, gentleness and pure truth.

I'm so grateful to the universe that you're ok...

As always, Your insights are comforting.

Million hugs,


Anonymous said...

Oh Nazy jan, I got so worried...How are you now? Hope you get well so soon.
I so much loved how you described being happy in each moment of life. I have experienced such feeling couple of years ago when I had an accident in mountain climbing .... when I got rescued, I felt I have found a new life again and although I had aches all over my body, I was thankful to GOD. After that the way I was seeing things were different for a while. In the streets, I was thinking why people are so worried and taking things so sirious when life is so, as you said, fragile...
I will share the story with you some time later.
I talked so much.
Rest well Nazy jan.

Roya said...

OMG, I am so glad and relieved that you are fine. You are right. I wish we could learn to enjoy life without these unfortunate reminders.

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
وقتی این پست رو می خوندم به ذهنم رسید که علت شور دم غنیمتی تو در پست قبلی ،همین حادثه بوده،ولی با دقت در تاریخ پست ها معلوم شد که نه!روزگار صدق کلام خیام را نشانت داده است!گر چه دم غنیمتی از سر و کول تو می بارد و این تو هستی که مصداق کلام خیام در این زمانه ای.
دیگر اینکه صنعت خوبی در نوشتن به کار می بری که حالا نمیدانم آنرا چه بنامم،همین جدیتر گرفتن لحظات خوش و جدی نگرفتن لحظات جدیتر.درست شبیه آن یکی:خوب بودن مهم است ولی مهم اینست که خوب باشیم.سه دیگر آنکه من وقتی در پست ماقبل قبلی!از تو تعریف کردم که خوشبختی،چشمم شور نبود که!ولی برو اسپند دود کن!
از اون گذشته دیشب می خوندم که مرحوم مدرس در باره حبس و تبعید خود گفته بود :دنیا دار تلافیست،شاید ما که وثوق الدوله را سکه یک پول کردیم و نسبت خیانت دادیم،در حالیکه در سیاست اشتباه کردن امریست ممکن،و او مجبور به جلای وطن شد و به نوعی تبعید،این بلا هم سر ما آمد.حالا من میگویم این دنیا دار جبران هم هست.کسی چه می داند شاید آن کمک و تیماری که آن سال از آن گربه کردی در این حادثه به تو کمک کرده باشد و اینطور به خیر گذشته است .ها؟

Mehran said...

Nazy jan
I am so glad you are fine, that is what it counts. we as your friends love you so much. i hope you recover soon and can't wait to see you tomorrow

Daisy said...

Thank GOD.

Daisy said...

Salam Nazy jon,

Thank God you are all right. Since I didn't hear anything from you this Friday, I thought you might have been working hard. I didn't think about anything negative to justify your absence. I'm very happy and grateful that you are back all right.

Nazy said...

Dear Francesco:

Thank you for coming and thank you for the poem. I have run into your comments on Iranian.com; you always leave fascinating comments there, too! A very nice poem, thank you, and come back again soon.

Nazy said...


Thank you so very much for your sweet poems and for your kind words. Please give me your 360 address again. I want to go see what you wrote!

Have a wonderful Monday in Tehran!

Nazy said...

Salam Leva Jan!

Khoda nakoneh! I'm O.K., really! Just a little banged up, that's all! I'll call you tomorrow.

Nazy said...

Marzieh Jan:

I'm O.K. Bademjoone bam afat nadareh! Thanks for your concern my friend!

Nazy said...

Sweet Serendip:

Thank you, and thank you! We are so lucky, I know that much! I'm taking it easy a little now, if such a thing is possible! I hope your weekend has been enjoyable my friend.

Nazy said...

Pardis Joonam:

Thanks so much for your kind comment and for sharing your experience, which sounds very serious, indeed! Heeh, I think it's called "getting a new lease on life!"

I am so fortunate for the love and care of so many, including yourself my friend. I am fine.

Nazy said...

Salam Roya Jan:

Thank you my sweet friend! I am lucky, very lucky, and I don't take it for granted.

I should hope to be able to write about something happier soon! Be good azizam.

Nazy said...

سلام مسعود جان:

ها ها! فکر نمی کنم کسی مرا چشم زده باشد! تحفه که نیستم! امروز مهران و بایرامعلی و رضا به دیدنم آمده بودند. کلی خندیدیم وقتی به آنها می گفتم ای بابا خدا رحم کرد من نمردم، وگرنه با آن پستی که نوشته بودم همه می گفتند: این بنده خدا می دانست که می خواهد بمیردها! نمی دانم خندهء بی امان من مال این بود که این فکر خیلی خنده دار بود و یا اینکه از صمیم قلب خوشحال بودم که نمرده ام!

من تلاش کرده ام که در زندگی ام آزارم به کسی نرسد، چه حیوان و چه آدمیزاد! اگر توانسته ام خوبی هم کرده ام و گرنه شر هم نرسانده ام. من فکر نمی کنم پاداش خوب بودن زنده ماندن است، چرا که خیلی آدمهای خوب هم ناگهانی مرده اند! اما فکر می کنم پاداش خوب بودن، خوب زندگی کردن است، مثل همین زندگی پراز صلح و لطفی که من می کنم. قدرش را می دانم و آب و جارویش هم می کنم! از بهترین وجوه زندگی من همین وجود شما و افرادی به این خوبی در زندگی من است. خدا را شکر می کنم ، بی نهایت.

شاد و سربلند باش مسجد سلیمانی عزیز!

Nazy said...

Mehran Jan:

Thanks so much for your kind comment and thanks for coming to visit me today. It's always very good to see you and my other young friends. Thank you for helping make light of an otherwise serious situation. You rule Ala Jan!

Nazy said...

Thank you sweet Daisy! I agree, Thank God!

Among all my daily posts, I care immensely about my Friday posts. Every Friday I start writing it in my head in the morning, and even if I come home late, I write my Friday post before I go to bed. I missed it another time not too long ago, when I had to help a friend with a very important deadline. I'm glad you thought I was having a good time! It is how I like people to think of me!

Alas, all is well that ends well and here we are. Be good and thrive kind and thoughtful Daisy.

Ahmad said...

I've just read a couple of your last posts... Thanks God you are doing well now. As you'd written the border between our regular life, full of things taken for granted, and an accident like this is so fine.

Last month I learned that a friend of mine had lost his wife in Iran due to drowning in an indoor pool (when life guards had left their post earliy). I thought of the moment that she might have lost confidence in being able to take herself out, or the moment that she might have gotten panicked and things have got worse, or the moment that ... I thought of these very short moments and the impact that has had in her life and others.

Our life is indeed fragile. Maybe we can minimize our mistakes (only for foreseeable causes) but we cannot control others.

Nazy said...

Salam Ahmad Jan:

Thanks for coming again--you were missed!

Thanks for sharing your friend's story and your reflections on the subject. It made me sad to think of a woman who won't be returning to her loving family because of such an avoidable accident. You are right, we have to tow that fine line to the best of our ability. Do you know the story of "This, too, shall pass?"

Have a good week in Texas Ahmad Jan.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you were ok. And thank goodness you had a nice, comforting bed to crawl into and find your peace. You are a gem, Nazy. ZanAmrikai

Ahmad said...

I'm sorry, I did not want to bring sadness here. I guess the strongest lessen that can be taken here is your last post before this one: to enjoy every bit of life and every sip of time.

I've heard the phrase "This, too, shall pass" a lot, but I've perhaps forgotten if there is any story about it.

Nazy said...

Amrikai Jan:

Ha Ha, you WOULD know what I'm talking about! Past a certain age, I found that I understood life's true gifts are not in things and belongings and material things, but rather in things that gave me peace of mind and personal joy. I can see those things very clearly in my life as I am done with dresses and jewels and cars and things, when there is no joy and love associated with them. A blanket, a cup of tea in a non-pretentious room, a familiar chair and some familiar music are sometimes all that I need to make me feel rich!

Thank God for you dearest Zan!

Nazy said...

Ahmad Jan:

You didn't bring sadness at all. I feel a lot and talk about my feelings freely and I use words that might appear too strong sometimes.

So, you have seen the post I wrote for you and now you know, at least in Farsi, what "This, too, shall pass," (een neez bogzarad) came from!

Enjoy life like there is no tomorrow, Ahmad Jan. I do!