My reader and now friend, Nasim, on the first day we met in February. Nasim and her wonderful husband, Jay, are celebrating her birthday and other important things in life this weekend. Two young scientists, with a life full of promises and joy ahead of them. Happy Birthday Beautiful Nasim!
Heeh! Did I scare you guys?! I hope not! Baba, I'm fine, really! I didn't even know I was injured until someone pointed out the blood on the headrest of my seat on the passenger side! It was just a scratch, really, and my family are already teasing me about it! My friend is a bit worse off with a broken arm, but I have instructions not to make a big deal out of this! My body aches a little and that's it! I have received kind emails and visits and flowers and phone calls and a card already, not to mention the very kind comments left on my earlier post! How lucky can a person get, I ask you?! To continue to live and to receive messages of love on top of that--this is too fabulous for words, and this was my unexpected surprise of this weekend!
In reply to my post of this morning, Nasim says: "I got the message my friend. We all learn from each other and have messages for each other." Yes, indeed! I was thinking about this same subject recently. I find that since I have started writing daily, I have developed a sharper sense of observation about the things I see, read, and hear. Everything is a lot more meaningful and poignant all of a sudden for me, as though everything I experience gets filed neatly in my mind, to be retrieved and retold to myself and to others some day soon. I find that even in the simplest, most mundane events, I have become capable of seeing a story, a message. Much of what I write is in reaction to those messages. Today, Nasim got my message and I got hers. Hers and Jay's are messages of hope, of new beginnings, and of opportunities yet to be seized.
I was going to go to a Nowrooz Parade in San Jose with my friends tomorrow. I think I will stay home and recuperate, answering your kind comments and emails instead. Be good you all, and watch out for those messages. Start right here! I received several today and left you some just now!


jeerjeerak said...

Hey, I know Nasim! And there she is in your blog! Such small world:)
I'm not sure if she knows me by my alias though.

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
در گنجینه تراگویی ا.ش عزیز به این می گویند:هم دوستی و هم بودی .مثل اینکه هنوز هم باید گفت:بچه ها مواظب باشید.نه؟

Anonymous said...

نازی جونم


به یادت تفالی به حافظ زدم غزل 465 آمد.پایدار باشی عزیزم و
یک شنبه خیلی خوبی داشته باشی


Anonymous said...

تنت به ناز طبیبان نیازمند مباد

Helaleh said...

Nazy Joon, I just read about you being in an accident. I am so glad to know you are not seriously injured, vow. I will call you! Take good care Nazy joon, and PLEASE REST!

I'm nobody! Who are you? said...

Nazi Jaan
من تازه این نوشته و نوشته قبلیت رو خوندم
خوشحالم که خوبی و عاشق نگاهتم به زندگی و حواشیش برات ای میل مس زنم

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Kaviani,
Ive read your blog for the first time
I think is so exciting. but would you plz tell me about your self and your interest about Iran.I wanna know more about there.
here is my mail : v_a.persia@yahoo.com

mo said...

Salaam Nazy joon,

I'm so glad to hear that you are well.

Take good care,

Nazy said...

Salam Jeerjeerak Jan!

I'm sorry I missed your kind call my friend! I'll be sure to ask Nasim about you! It is a small world, isn't it? When Nasim and her husband came to Berkeley's Charshanbeh Soori event, she and my niece's husband, Kavoos, recognized each other from their earlier lives in Tehran! I think it is a small world and it only keeps getting smaller an smaller, too! Have a good week my sweet friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Masoud Jan:

Yes, you are right. I have read Alef Shin's articles on the subject, and it is a treasure!

Huh, accidents happen for everybody, even if they are ooooold! Be good my friend.

Nazy said...

Marzieh Jan:

Thank you so much for your good Faal! How sweet! It means a lot to me (I had to read the poem in my book, because the link opens a new Faal, which was good, too!). Be good azizam.

Nazy said...

Salam Helaleh Jan:

It was nice talking to you today my friend! Thank you for your kind words and for your concern. I am alright, as you know by now. Thanks again.

Nazy said...

Golabi Jan:

Heeh, you signed in with a different name and it threw me off for a moment!

Thanks so much for your kind comment and your kinder email. I will reply soon, my friend. I'm alive and kicking...well, not quite kicking yet, but I will be soon! Thanks again.

Noonoosh said...

Thank God You are OK , Seeing Blood must have been scary ...Take Good Crae of Yourself .Cheers

Nazy said...

Salam Vahid Jan:

Thank you so much for coming to visit and for leaving a comment. You ask a very broad question, my friend!

I was born and raised in Iran, coming to US to attend college and staying on for several decades, becoming an American in the meantime. My interest in Iran is in the love I have for the land and its people. I write about my Iranian and American experiences, so that I may bring better understanding about the two nations, hopefully building and crossing a bridge of information and understanding over unknowns and stereotypes. I talk about my very ordinary life as an Iranian emigrant, and what I know and find out about the arts and culture of both nations. I hope I have answered your question in a nutshell. Please ask me more specific questions and I will be happy to oblige.

Be good and come back again soon, Vahid.

Nazy said...

Dear Manata:

Thanks so much for your kind comment and concern. I am well and on my way to feeling better. You are so sweet to ask after me. Please come back again soon to engage in some good dialogue about happier things in life. Have a good week.

Nazy said...

Salam Noonoosh Jan:

Heeh! Yes, it was! And you want to know how crazy I am? When I saw the blood on my dress I knew I wasn't going to make it to the Persian Center party we were going to attend! I am crazy, I know!

Have a superb week my new friend!

Daisy said...

Salam Nazy jon,
You're too kind to me. Thanks for all those lovely words. I was very excited to find you as well. It kills me to talk to someone or even hear about someone and won't be able to imagine their face. Although I couldn't see your full face, I can say you are young. I couldn't understand why you keep writing in your post about being old and,,,. You're more experienced that me my friend but you're young :)
There were all sorts of reaction toward the movie. Some of my friends really enjoyed it. They're willing to read the book now. Some of them were so shocked by the movie and the fact that the story is based on reality. One of the problems with Persepolis is that humour in the story isn't easy to be understood by non-Iranian, obviously. For what it's worth, I did my best to promote this movie. I hope people stop getting their information solely from media and news.
I hope you're well and put the accident behind you. please take care

Assal said...

Nazy Joonam:

My internet has been on hiatus...

My mom told me she read about your accident but thought she couldn't leave a comment for you (because she thought you have to have a username/pw)...

Anyways...hope you got my telephone message! If your car is out of commission, I would love to play taxi for you..

Love you lots!


Nazy said...

Salam Daisy Jan:

Thanks for the vote of confidence my friend!

You are right about Satrapi's humour; it is definitely more Iranian and European than American, but Perspolis is not a comedy animation. It is a very serious movie about painful topics which are told through the honest viewpoint of a young woman. I'm going to see it again sometime soon, as I've promised my friend I would go with her.

I hope you have had a good weekend Daisy Jan.

Nazy said...

Sweet Assal:

I have missed you something terrible my friend! I did get your kind voicemail and I will call you tomorrow to chat. I'm fine, and I have a rental car now. I'll call you mom, too (I didn't know she reads my blogs! How embarrassing!). Have a super week wonderful Assal.