Friday Surprise

Maestro Anoushirvan Rohani plays an impromptu performance, appearing as a "surprise guest" at SFSU's Nowrooz Party, San Francisco, March 7, 2008.
I missed my Friday post! To make up for it, I share with you about three minutes of a poorly-lit, but sufficiently audible videoclip I took of Maestro Anoushirvan Rohani, playing some of his much beloved melodies. It was an awesome event, thanks to Mehran and his friends. I will come back a little later to write my Saturday post. In the meantime, enjoy the music, forgiving me for my very elementary equipment and video technique!
Love like there's no tomorrow. That would have been my Friday message. Like there is no tomorrow.


! said...

سلام نازی جونم
وای استاد روحانی من رو جادو کرد
خیلی وقت بود که اینطور سورپرایز نشده بودم
مرسی عزیزم

! said...

راستی نازی جونم نوروز پارتی خوش گذشت ؟؟
خوب بود ؟؟

Daisy said...

Woow, that was such a wonderful clip. Keyf kardam . Thank you so much for sharing.

I also have a slightly different message on one of my posters on the wall. The poster includes 4 daisy flowers and one message for each.
1.Dance as though no one is watching you.
2. Sing as though no one can hear you.
3. Love as though you have never been hurt before.
4. Live as though heaven is on earth.

Of course I did the sugar cone thing for my sister wedding. And I'm telling you I really rubbed the sugar cone together very hard. At the end of ceremony you could see the sugar powder on the groom's shoulder. I had to pat him on the shoulder to get rid of all that sugar. But it doesn't matter. I'll interpret this as the two of them having a lot of sweet moments in their lives. Have a very good weekend

P.S. Happy International Women's Day by the way.

! said...

وای وای وای
خوب شد دیزی عزیز اومد که من یادم بیفته امروز روز جهانی زنه !!!
خوب مبارکه :)

! said...

بازم روز زن مبارک
اینم یه لینگ در مورد روز جهانی زن !!!

Shobeir said...

mmmmmyy hhaandsss are shaking...
tnx tanx tanx ...

tnx for sharing it!
and about your weekly message: I think daisy has done my task about it!
BTW Uni-far I cant call Mr Rohani ostad!
I guess we should use this word with more attention...

! said...

راستی یه لینک جالب هم امروز پیدا کردم برین بخونین و بخندین :D


! said...

چرا شبیر عزیزم ؟؟
شاید هم حق با تو باشه
نمی دونم

! said...

البته شبیر عزیزم به نظر من هر کسی که کاری هنری انجام میده استاده
حتی تو !!!

shobeir said...

dar zemn rooze zano man be hich kas tabrik nemigam chon avalan rooze mard nadarim...
dovoman zan ya mard boodan tabrik nadare ke!
hala ye chizi hastim dige!

Daisy said...

Dear shobeir,

Could you please watch the speech below and then tell me if it's important to consider an International Women’s day. I wanted to post it on my blog today but now I thought it's better to leave it here. It may not be important to recognized international women’s day for some people like us (men and women) but that is definitely not the case for some people in other corner of the world. And I'm not even talking about Iran.

The video clip is here .

P.S. It is kinda of funny that we use Nazy’s blog as our chat room- I hope she doesn't mind.

Anonymous said...

With Best Wishes For You,

Farideh said...

Telepathy? Sort of, I guess. Read my last post and take care my friend...

Roya said...

Sorry this is unrelated to your post. I had told you I will tell you my story but I found a better story with a very nice happy ending. You can read it in my friend's blog.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Anonymous said...

harrass or harass?

! said...

Dear Daisy
خیلی ممنونم بخاطر لینک عالی ای که داده بودی به
این خانم آلنده واقعا شخصیت خاصیه ...
خیلی ممنون بخاطر لینکت
محشر بود ...

Daisy said...

ghabeli nadare ! aziz,

khoshhalam ke dost dashti.
WWW.TED.com usually offers good presentations.

Nazy said...

Farshad Jan
Shobeir Jan,
Pardis Jan, and
Daisy Jan:

I was honored to see you talk about International Women's Day here. You can talk about anything you wish here anytime. Thank you Daisy Jan for sharing that amazing clip. I couldn't stop listening to it until the last word.

You know, Isabelle Allende is one of my most favorite authors in the world.

Happy belated March 8th to all.

Nazy said...

Farideh Jan:

I came by and saw that post. Amazing! I love reading your blogs. I'll come again soon.

Nazy said...

Roya-ye Azizam:

I went and read your friend's post. Very sweet. A happy ending, I love it! I so wished for a happy ending right about now. I left your friend a note, too. Thank you my friend.

Nazy said...

Anonymous Jan:

It's harass, and I stand corrected. When I'm tired or lazy or when I'm in a rush, I compose my notes inside blogger, losing the chance to have my text spell-checked. Thank you for reading carefully and for pointing out my error. I'll fix it right away. Thank you.