Passing Through

My friend sings a sweet folk melody of Lorestan in a circle of my other friends, March 14, 2008.

My Saturday was spent doing some satisfying publishing work and cleaning the house with my younger son. In preparation for Nowrooz, I have gorgeous tulips, hyacinths, and narcissi around my house and every corner I turned smelled so good today! My cell phone battery died intermittently today, and I had very few phone calls to distract me from my work, so I kept at it until it was finished. A clean house and dead tired bones--very satisfying indeed!

I asked my younger son to change a toilette seat cover for me today. He mulled over the never-heard-before assignment and instead of telling me off, like he is prone to do, he took the car keys and the credit card and left for the hardware store! He came back 30 minutes later with the wrong toilette seat cover (too big) and had to go back and get another one and install it. He didn't complain, he didn't drag his feet, and in the end he did a very good job of it. You know, raising boys by myself has its pitfalls in that I can usually only teach them what I know. I don't know how to be a handyman around the house, so my kids haven't learned it, either. When things like this happen, even if the task is really simple, I become so grateful for the initiative.
My kids have gone to the City to celebrate their youth. I hope they are safe and that they enjoy themselves. As for me, I'm spending a quiet evening by myself, celebrating my not-so-youthful life! Life is so beautiful, I thought to myself again today. I mustn't waste a moment of it on negative thoughts which drain my energies. I have to accept things I cannot change and move on, even if this means suffering through temporary losses, because with high energy and a positive outlook, gains are awaiting me right around the corner, and loads of them, I know! I might write some more about this later in the week. Have a happy Sunday you all.


Anonymous said...

نازی جونم اینقدر روان و زیبا از همه چیز مینویسی که گاهی نمی تونم چشم از نوشته هات بردارم.خوشحالم که حالت خوبه و مثل همیشه به خواننده هات هم روحیه می دی.همیشه شاد باشی نازنین


Anonymous said...


You have such a great attitude. I think that is part of the reason I like your blog so much, just a few days after having come across it. I too am experiencing those same sentiments more and more as I grow older and really feel the importance of focusing on being positive and not wasting a moment of this precious gift of life we have been given.

Are you a writer, by the way (you mentioned publishing)? I'm really interested in talking to someone about the field sometime . . .

(same M as before, just didn't sign in for this comment)

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you

Remember Nazy jan, You have much freedom and power to stay centered in your own strength even in the midst of meloncholy.

The keys: to rise above fears - your own and anyone else's - We all want to be close. We all want to feel safe. We all want to be connected.

And we are all afraid.

And we will probably always have to deal with these fears, and those fears will most likely continue to get in our way from time to time.

But as much as you and I can, our commitment now should be to have compassion for those fears rather than disdain, to recognize that they are soft spots in our hearts rather than walls around them. They are places that have the greatest capacity for growth, because if we can help one another move beyond these fears and replace them with greater levels of trust, we are truly moving to a sacred existence where love is the strongest guiding force.

Thank you again for being so honest with yourself and your readers.



Farideh said...

Yes, Nazy jan! Positive thinking is the key to anything and everything. "Boro, daramet"!!!! :)

Nazy said...

Beautiful Serendip:

Thank you for your kind comment. Heeh! At my age, what choice do I have but to be honest with my feelings?! I am done with my silences and the long cycles of "faking it" because they I learned that they didn't give me joy or peace, as I had hoped they would.

I agree with you. Compassion for others is the only way forward. If only everyone would try it. True englightenment occurs only where there is compassion for others. Be happy my special friend.

Nazy said...

Farideh Jan:

Loved your comment! Boro, daramet! Heeh! Love it, love it!

Nazy said...

Dear M:

Thank you for coming back and for your kind comment. I think your attitude rocks, too!

In addition to writing in my blogs, I write features for Iranian.com, Payam-e-Ashena, and San Diego's Peyk. I also volunteer to help my journalist friends with some editorial work. I don't know anybody in the book publishing business, but as I get ready to write a book, I might gain some information which I would gladly share with you.

Be good and please come back again, M.

Nazy said...

Salam Marzieh Joonam:

You are entirely too kind to me! YOU are MY inspiration!