A Very Good Friday

Folk dance of Azerbaijan (Lezgi). These dancers might be from Georgia (Gorjestan).

It's Good Friday, the Friday before Easter, spring has begun, and Nowrooz is here. It can't get any better than this. I sat out a Nowrooz celebration in San Francisco, as I recover from too much celebration this week! I decided instead to come home, cook for my family, write my Friday post, and tend to some activities I must finish before Sunday.
The boys and their friends have just returned from a basketball game and work and will probably be getting ready to go out a little later. I hear them laughing and talking in the other room. There is something very soothing in hearing the young men have such a good time together in this house. Come September, my older son will probably move to another college town to attend university, and things won't be the same again in this house. I intend to enjoy every moment of the remaining months around them. Some day I might tell you the story of me and my children and houses, houses, and houses. Telling that story requires some courage which I have yet to find. Some day I might tell it.
And so, of all times of the year, this is the easiest and hardest time to dispense advice to you all about relationships and love for those who are important in your lives. It is easy, because for most of you those you love are right next to you during the celebrations, or you would be visiting them. It is hard, because some of you don't have your loved ones near you. Holidays and traditional celebrations are really hard for those who live away from their families, and I say that from peronal experience. So, I think we should all reach out to those near us right now, whoever they are and however they are important and related to us. Friends, relatives, lovers, and neighbors, there are people around us who could really appreciate a hug, a handshake, a smile, a kiss, or a hug. Whatever you do, mean it. Do it from the bottom of your heart with optimism and peace in mind. Call those who are away and in addition to wishing them a happy Nowrooz, also tell them that you love them and mean it. Do it with the conviction of someone who has started a New Day, a Now Rooz. Have a good weekend y'all.


mo said...

Dear Nazy joon,

Saleh no ra be shoma va famili-ye mohtarametoon tabrik migooyam.

I can't tell you how happy this video made me :)

Take care,

SERENDIP said...

I love you and can feel your peace and clarity from here.


Daisy said...

Nazy jon,
again your post made me think and I ended up writing one myself. thank you and have a very good weekend.

Nazy said...

My Dear Manata:

I am so glad you liked the clip! Hee Hee, I'm really glad, because it took me close to 2 hours tonight to find just the clip I needed! I was talking to Bayramali on the phone, and I was asking him to listen to this music (he was in his car) and tell me if it's authentic "Lezgi" music! Poor man has to put up with so much from me!

Thank you for your New Year's wishes, and I wish you a Pirooz Nowrooz, too. Come back again soon my friend.

Nazy said...

Dear Beautiful Serendip:

And I love YOU very much! Thank you for your kind words. I feel so light tonight, and I'm glad the feeling came through. I was cloudy for a while this winter, and my clouds are shifting. Thanks for being so observant, as usual.

Nazy said...

Salam Daisy Jan:

Thanks for coming by my friend.

I'll be sure to come and read what you write, as I do always. You are the best!

Assal said...

Wishing you a happy day, a happy friday...every day hopefully this year will be a "good" day for you.

Hope to see you soon, Nazy Joonam. I miss your stories and your laughter and your kindness.



Nazy said...

Sweet and Unforgettable Assal:

Thank you so much for that really positive comment! I miss you, too, come and eid-didani me soon! If you don't soon, I will! Then you're the one who will have to give me eidi! Have a fabulous weekend my wonderful friend, and my best to Parham and your Mom.

M said...

You are so sweet, I love reading these kind words. Thanks for your comment on my blog too. I don't write as much as I used to but I hope you will visit anyway. I'm far away from my family, so I really appreciated these words today. Thank you.

Maryam T. said...

تقدیم به نازی دوست داشتنی و عزیزمان

بهار آمد که هر ساعت رود خاطر به بستانی
به غلغل در سماع آیند هر مرغی به دستانی

دم عیسیست پنداری نسیم باد نوروزی
که خاک مرده بازآید درو روحی و ریحانی

به جولان و خرامیدن درآمد سرو بستانی
تو نیز ای سرو روحانی بکن یکباره جولانی

به هر کویی پریرویی به چوگان می زند گویی
تو خود گوی زنخ داری بساز از زلف چوگانی

نوروز باستانی بر شما و عزیزانتان مبارک!

! said...

سلام نازی جونم
سال نوی شمام مبارک
من زنگ زدم یه 20 دقیقه بعد از سال تحویل سال ولی موفق نشدم :(
خوب امیدوارم که سال خوبی داشته باشی
راستی نازی جونم تو می دونستی من یه دنسر لزگی ماهرم !!!!
ها ها ها

Nazy said...

Dear M:

Thanks so much for coming, and thank you for YOUR sweet words!

Come back and visit dear M. My readers are a very interesting and articulate group, and they are a very important part of my life. When hearts talk without inhibition, valuable friendships form. Such is the magic of the internet, enabling us to say things which might be harder to say in person, helping us build more profound friendships.

It is really good to have you here.

Nazy said...

Dear Beautiful Maryam Jan:

What an honor to hear from you in the comments section! This is going to be a good year for your beautiful "eidi" of poetry for me and your first comment ever!

You know that I really love you and Ehsan. I wish the two of you a very good year, filled with all that your hearts desire.

Thank you very much for your comment.

Nazy said...

Salam Farshad Jan:

Happy New Year To You, Too!

I'm sorry I missed your kind phone call. You are a man of many talents! Lezgi, huh?!! I would have never guessed! Be happy sweet Farshad.