Nowrooz on My Desktop

My very first Nowrooz card this year, received from a very dear, special, and gifted friend. It sits on my computer's desktop at home and at work, reminding me of the occasion and of how fortunate I have been in 1386 to have found good friends through my blogs and my writings. The way I see it, life can't get any better than this. I thank you all for being my friends. The only thing I have to offer in return is my reciprocal friendship. Come and get it in 1387! I'll be waiting for you.


ahmad said...

Seeing your card, I feel jalous. I have not got any yet! Why people do everything on internet these days, and the old-fashion stuff are kind of forgotten!?

It's a beautiful card by the way.

Anonymous said...

سلام نازی جان
نوروز مبارک
نرم نرمک می رسد اینک
بهار خوش به حال روزگار

ممنون از همه محبتهای قشنگ و بی دریغت از همه درسهائی که ازتو یاد گرفتم و ممنون به خاطر دوستی ات
برات بهترین سالها را آرزو دارم.


ا. ش. said...

در کنار امواج دریای خزر گوش به آوایش سپرده ام. ماه بر روی امواج آب می رقصد و آب در دست من است. اینک من و آب و ماه درهم آمیخته ایم و بهره ی ما از کل یکتاست؛ نشانه ی راستین همان بخشش لایزال!ء
چه دوستان خوبی نازی عزیز داری و چه کارت زیبایی برایت فرستاده اند! ای کاش برای من هم می فرستاد آن جناب افشین خان!ء
برایت در لحظه ی تحویل سال دعای ویژه ای دارم.ء

Hyacinth said...

Salam Nazy jon,

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year, filled with happiness and love and friendship and flowers. Your blog is a breath of fresh air, and the pictures, the videos, the reminisces about Tehran bring back lovely memories of life in Iran. Norooz Mobarak :)

Shokaran said...


Daisy said...

Salam Nazy jon,
You should know that your friendship is the most valuable "eidi" that you can offer anyone. I wish you a wonderful time at "tahveel" and a good year full of joy, health, success, and happiness for you and your family.
Sale no mobarak my dear friend.

Daisy said...

P.S. That was a very beautiful card. I loved the colour and style. Your friend must be tasteful person.

nasim said...

Nazy jan,

You have already offered your friendship to many of us and I glad to me one of them. I wish you a year filled with love and peace and health and happiness. Norooz Mobarak!

Daisy said...

Correction,,,, "...the most valuable "eidi" that anyone can wish for".

Laleh said...

Salam Nazy joon,

Saale no va Eidet mobarak. Omidvaram ke saale kheili kheili khoobi pishe roo daashteh baashi.

Ahmad said...

Well, I forgot to write that I have already got my share of friendship from you. Honestly, I had not experienced such cyber-friendship before becoming a reader of your posts.

Wish you and your family a wonderful year ahead Nazy-joon, full of happiness, health and weatlth :) Norouz khojaste!

قلب خوشبخت said...

نازی دلبندم
عیدت مبارک، امیدوارم سالی سرشار از سلامتی و دل خئش در انتظارت باشد.
خیلی برایم جالب بود ، چون دقیقا از دیشب به وقت اینجا در فکرت بودم و صفحه کامنت وبلاگت رو باز کرده بودم امروز اول صبح که آمدم برایت بنویسم کامنت مملو از محبتت رو دیدم. به این می گویند ارتباط روح ها با هم!
شاد باشی و سر بلند

Farideh said...

Noruz mobarak!

Nazy said...

Ahmad Jan:

Hee Hee. Start a blog, find wonderful new friends, and you, too, can have such beautiful gifts! See? I found you this way, too!

Eidet mobarak doostam. Did you celebrate big in Texas? Do you have your family with you? I hope the new year is filled with joy and success for you sensitive Ahmad.

Nazy said...

My Dear Beautiful Marzieh:

And thank YOU for your priceless friendship in 1386! You are a breathe of fresh air and I just love seeing you and your comments in my blogs. Happy Nowrooz azizam.

Nazy said...

My Dear Alef Shin:

What an honor to hear from you at this time of the year, and at the beautiful Capian Sea, no less! Thank you for that poetic description of the scenery around you. I miss Iran so much.

I am a very fortunate woman for having wonderful friends, such as Afshin and you!

Thank you for your prayers. They are much appreciated Alef Shin Jan. Nowroozat Pirooz doost-e man.

Nazy said...

Dear Hyacinth:

Eidet Mobarak Azizam.

Thanks so much for coming again and for your very kind words. And YOU are my breath of fresh air, my friend!

I hope your wishes come true in the New Year azizam. Please come back again soon.

Nazy said...

Thank you so much Shokaran Jan! And I wish the same for you my friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Daisy Jan:

Eidet mobarak azizam. How very sweet of you to say those kind words! I hope the New Year is filled with joy for you Daisy Jan, as you deserve the very best azizam.

Nazy said...

Thank you sweet Nasim! Your friendship means a lot to me. Hee Hee, being friends to so many young people has a special bonus for me, you see, as when each of you goes on to accomplish truly big and wonderful successes in your life, I will live through the joy of my friends' accomplishments for years to come! I am so glad I found you my friend. Nowroozat Pirooz.

Nazy said...

Thank you Laleh Jan! And I wish the same for you, too! Nowrooz Pirooz.

Nazy said...

Lucky Heart Jan!

Hee Hee, we share the same sign, so that might be the reason! Remember, also, that we share the same love for Zoya Pirzad!

I hope you and your husband have had a good "tahvil-e-sal" together in Cardiff. Take care and eidet mobarak azizam.

Nazy said...

Farideh Joonam:

Nowrooz-e to ham mobarak doost-e man!