A Tehran music school, Parnian, prepares for a concert in April 2008. Look at that full orchestra, complete with a choir, do their rehearsal in their two-room "school." I don't know these people and that music, though sweet, might not be exactly to my taste. But I thought I would tell you how impressed I am with the effort. I am so proud of those who continue to keep music alive in Iran in the face of adversities. Long live music!

My older son turned 22 today. He came home from celebrating with his friends a few minutes ago. I am sitting here watching him as he comes and goes and eats and watches TV and talks to his friends and family on the phone. More than ever before, these days I am very aware of his having turned into a man. As he prepares to take off for Santa Cruz this fall, I have to concentrate on helping his takeoff. He has left my nest a couple of times before, you know, each time coming back. I wasn't prepared for it when it happened before and it really hurt to have to deal with his absences. This time I want to help him do it myself. This time I want to be prepared. I dwindle between the anguish and the excitement of his independence and his journey into his future. I pray for his health and a safe journey through life. I wish him a life full of pleasant surprises and lasting lessons. I wish him a heart full of love for himself, his communities, his family, and human race. I wish him a good flight and a meaningful journey into life. I am full of words which cannot so easily come to my mouth, but which quietly appear on my post tonight. I think I will give him this to read.


shideh said...

wow... it must be difficult to be separated from your son, no matter how old they get.
there are things that can never be expressed adequately with words. Especially when it comes to the emotions between mothers and their children.

I also really admire the effort these young people put into keeping music alive in Iran. You can see the impact of high restrictions on the quality of their music though, which is sad. Music will always survive though, so will dance; and at least we still have extremely talented traditional musicians in Iran who produce music that arguably approach perfection in quality.

Assal said...

:)Happy Birthday Kavian :)

This time, he will leave the nest, but he'll come back with many achievements to share with you. I'm not saying this because I love you (which I do), and I'm not saying this because he's my friend and I've grown up with him (which he is and I have), but I'm saying this because I mean it: Kavian has it in him to succeed at whatever he wants. I can't explain it. He just has "it". And I will wish him luck because I love him, but I won't wish him luck because he needs it, because he doesn't need it. He has you, as a fine example of a human being, and no matter how far from the nest he goes, it's still his nest, and he'll always find his way back.

Azita said...

Love "I wish him a heart full of love for himself, his communities, his family, and human race. I wish him a good flight and a meaningful journey into life."
I pray along with you too Nazy Jan and wish him all the best.

Anonymous said...

سلام نازی جونم

تولد کیوان عزیز را .
به هر دوی شما تبریک می گم.
اون دعاهای زیبات آدمو به گریه میندازه. خیلی خیلی زیبا بود
حالا فهمیدم چرا این قدر ناراحتی

گوجه سبز و نمک و گریه
مواظب خودت باش عزیزم


مسعود said...

سفر به آینده
ای خوشا جاده و در جاده نهادن قدما
مبارک باشد بر ایشان و از زبان مولانا دعا می کنیم

در دولت و در مرتبت و مملکت او را
چندانکه بخواهد ز خداوند امان باد
هرساعت و هروقت زخشنودی ایزد
بر دولت آینده او تازه نشان باد
او را همه آن باد که او خواهد دائم
وان چیز که بدخواهان خواهند جزآن باد

Assal said...

I just realize I feel a little lonely when I check the blog and see you're not responding!! Is that weird of me? :) I like it when you're here all the time---

Esfand` said...

Happy belated birthday to your son! :) and yes this is a milestone for u, and now I can see how a mothers heart is always filled with good wishes and prayers for her son =)

He will do great!, and he will always be comming back to you for your love and support, and I am so sure he will always get it!
So dont worry about him leaving you, because this is just another phase, and the more sons go far from their moms the more they realize whats the place of mader in ones life :D

This month marks my tenth year that I left home :D and it was by choice! believe it or not, at 13 years of age it was my choice to stay at a boarding school (I had my reasons :P), n now I know that distance between me and my mom has only helped us get closer and bond unlike any other mom and son :)

Shes one of my best friends and close ally :D

Nazy said...

Salam Shideh Jan, Welcome Back!

You are right about music. This past week I re-published my interview with Maestro Tjeknavorian on Iranian.com. A reader left a very unkind comment about the Maestro and his "cooperation" with the Iranian government through his participation in Iranian music scene. I was so shocked to see anyone who loves Iran prescribe a boycott of Iranian arts because they don't agree with politics of Iran. I wrote to him telling him that his prescription would be tentamount to artistic genocide on the Iranian nation. If Iranian masters didn't teach Iranian youth their crafts, what would happen to Iranian arts and culture? You can read the article and the comments at the link below. Thankfully several other articulate people also left interesting comments on that post. Iranians make me proud in their quest for arts. Have a good day Shideh Jan!


Nazy said...

Salam Assal Jan:

I'm sorry I've been so tardy in replying to comments. I'm around, just doing many different things, keeping busy!

Thank you for your kind birthday wish for Kavian. He has read it and expresses his gratitude. I hope my chidren turn out to be good people, kind and generous and fair. Yes, of course I want them to also have academic and professional achievements, but I want more for them to be good people. That's my wish for everybody, including my sons.

Have a glorious Thursday my beautiful friend.

Nazy said...

Sweet Azita:

Thank you very much for visiting and for your kind comment. I came and visited your fabulous blogs, too. Your writing is excellent and full of heart my friend!

Nazy said...

سلام بر مرضیهء زیبا و مهربان:

هاها، اون کامنت گوجه سبز مرا خواندی، هان؟ خیلی جالب نوشته بود این دوست جوان من!

من از دور شدن پسرم شکایت می کنم اما حالم خیلی هم بد نیست! این روز ها کارم بدجوری منو فشار میده. باید تدبیری بیاندیشم!

شاد و سربلند باش مرضیهء مهربان.

Nazy said...

سلام بر مسعود عزیز و مهربان:

آقا شما آخر چقدر با معرفتید؟ من که زبانم از تشکر از شما قاصر است! ببخشید که گرفتاری های من باعث شده دیر به دیر به کامنت ها پاسخ بدهم. انشاءالله که پای بی ادبی من نمیگذارید. من هر روز به شوق دیدن کامنت ها میدوم می آیم به بلاگم سر میزنم چون فکر می کنم بهترین قسمت بلاگینگ در همین کامنت دانی اتفاق می افتد که حرف شما می شنوم! پیام های شما هم که همگی یک سر پر از تعقل و مهربانی است. از شما خیلی ممنونم.

از شعر زیبای مولانا هم متشکرم. مثل همیشه به جا و پر از مهر است. سپاسگزارم. شاد و سر بلند باش مسعود بسیار عزیز.

Nazy said...

Salam Esfand Jan:

Thank you so very much for your kind and supportive and wise words. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I have been separated from my children several times. The first time was when they were very young and Iranian laws gave their custody to their father after our divorce and we lived apart for a year until they chose to come live with me half the time. The second time was several years later when my older son went to live in Cyprus for 18 months. I am familiar with the pain of their separation. But I am also familiar with the joy of unification! I know they will come back again, maybe not in the same shape or with the same arrangements, but nothing we can't get used to, I am sure.

What makes life amazing is how close we feel to each other through separations. You already know that, though, don't you?

Be good and happy Esfand Jan.

insouci said...
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insouci said...

I was doing random searches for poems and Persian stories and I came across your blog. I must tell you your words have said something to me, as a mother and as something deeper.

My name is Tina and I live in Denver. I am new to this "blogging" concept. It was a pleasure to read your thoughts. I hope you don't mind. I do not normally feel compelled to say anything, but your writing is beautiful.