Improvising Life

Two Iranians improvise in dastgah-e Esfahan; Azadeh on guitar and Ricci Boroumandian on Setar. I'm so lucky to have found this clip which I now share with you. Enjoy!

My sons are talking to each other again. Until I started feeling relaxed tonight, I hadn't realized what a toll their rift had taken on me. I had missed their chatter and laughter. I am sitting in my bed, writing this post and hearing them move about and talk upstairs. It's lovely. The simple joys of life are upon me again. To all those who sent me good vibes today, especially the kind Robert of Germany, thank you. They have already started working! When things settle down a bit around me, I will have a good story to tell you. Have a good Tuesday you all.


مسعود said...

کلیپ زیبایی ست.هر چند صدای سه تار غلبه داشت بر صدای گیتار و بزحمت میشد گیتار را تشخیص داد.بی رابطه نیست با طربی که به تو از مشاهده احوال پسرانت دست داده است
خوش باشید

آدم گلابی said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! i am happy for your lovely small family!
be happy Nazi jaan and much much love,

Chakameh Azimpour said...

Salam Nazy joon. I am happy to see you are feeling better. I'd sent you an e.mail. Did you get it?

Parinaz said...

Good, good, good!
I'm so happy that you are all happy together again!
May you have a long life full of joy and happiness...

And I wish you luck Nazy jan.

Anonymous said...

khoob shodi
man ham khosh halam

hamishe shad bashi