My friends Ehsan and Maryam were supposed to have taken a trip to Canada this week. Ehsan started a new job a few weeks ago and at the last minute they had to cancel their trip. They called me to say that they will come to dinner at my house on Saturday. It's always a good time when I see the two of them. Ehsan was relieved to be able to spend time with one of his closest friends who was visiting the Bay Area this past week. Ehsan and his friend attended Tehran University together as undergraduates, and then they both went on to Texas for their graduate work. He and Maryam decided to bring their friend to my house last night. They told him that they were invited to a good friend's house and that they were sure he would be welcome there. When they told him the name of the hostess (that would be me!), he told them that he knew who I was! The guest was no other than my reader from Texas, Ahmad. Isn't it amazing?! Isn't it a small world? I got to meet the intelligent, sweet and sensitive Ahmad of Texas last night. Amazing!
Photo shows His Majesty, Ehsan, and Ahmad.


مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
دنیا خیلی وقته کوچیک شده.اندازه یه دهکده.صدا کنی همه فهمیدن.تازه همونشم میتونه تو دل آدم جا بگیره.آدمی که دل گنده باشه.

Mehran said...

wow his majesty is really handsome, I think it is his shirt ;-) thanks for the wonderful night

! said...

سلام نازی جونم
مارکو وارد شد و فردا صبح داره خارج میشه دوباره ...
همش مسافرت
اصلا نرسیدم پست های اخیر رو بخونم
راستی شعر جدید بعد کیهانی رو دیدی
به تو تقدیم شده
تبریک میگم
واقعا زیباست
با حرف مسعود عزیز هم موافقم

! said...

اعلا حضرت ادای احترام !!!1

Anonymous said...

Salam Nazy Khanoom

It's so amazing and in fact wonderful to meet a friend in that surprising way. It happened to me before too. But believe me as a reader of your blog, I am so interested to meet you one day in my life! I mean it!


Anonymous said...

سلام و خسته نباشی
جدا که دنیای کوچکی است
چه سور پرایز جالبی بوده برای هر دوی شما


Ehsan Akhbari said...

Nazy jan, did I forget to mention that I didn't wish to be in the same picture with His Majesty's shirt? (kidding :o)
We had great evening Nazy jan, as we always have at your place. You are a fabulous hostess. Ahmad will speak for himself but I know he enjoyed meeting you and all the other friends very much.

Ehsan Akhbari (writing while seating in a conf room waiting for guys from Inidia to connect through conf call so that the stupid meeting can get started)

Ahmad said...

Nazy-jan, it is indeed a small world! Several months ago I had the chance to know more a lady who used to go to a high school in Tehran less than a mile away from a dorm I used to stay, right on the path that I sometimes used to walk to school (at that time I was enjoying only the walk though :(

It was a real pleasure to meet you in person. I enjoyed the evening with you and your family and friends. Thank you for the amazing evening!

Anonymous said...

You are the world's most welcoming hostess!

What did you cook for your guests??

Anonymous said...

You are the world's most welcoming hostess!

What did you cook for your guests??

Maryam said...

Hi Nazi jun,
Thank you so much for the wonderful night. Hope to see you again soon.
Love you,

Azita said...

Salam Nazy Jan,

What a small world indeed! As they say one down (out of 50,000+ readers), many more to go. Only generous people with a big and kind heart are capable of opening their homes to others unconditionally and with a lot of pleasure.