Moving Forward

Banafsheh Sayyad performs her Sufi-inspired dance in Los Angeles in May 2008. Enjoy! (I wished the audience hadn't made so much noise during her performance, but that's just my opinion.)

It's Friday. My week has been a mixed bag of joys and reflections. I have been thinking positive thoughts which have prompted me to move forward, and I have been moving forward, prompting myself to think positive thoughts.
I'm preparing to take a trip next week, so I have been running around trying to tie some loose ends so that when I am away, I don't have to worry about things back home--well, except what my kids will be doing to my house in my absence!
When I wake up tomorrow, I will type a list I wrote in my head today. It is a list of all the little and big things which made my life good this past week. I will write them down and share them with you. Once I write it, it would be fun to see your lists, too, if you'd like to share. I'll do it tomorrow morning, as I'm really exhausted now and I won't do the task justice. Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget to use your mouth to say good things, kiss big kisses, and laugh out loud. Be good y'all.


Golabi said...

it's a fun idea to write the list of the things that brought to surface different feelings in you.
you dont want to read mine i bet but i write it anyways, i liked the idea. it helps clear your mind and heart too
have a great rest of the weekend Nazi joon

Daisy said...

Salam Nazy jon,
Neat idea, I've started thinking about my own list. I'll share it with you.
Have a wonderful weekend

p.s. I realized that I need to think hard to remember all the good things:( I'm sure that next week I 'll be more conscious about good thinks that are happening to me.

يكي مثه همه said...

dear Nazy
salaaaaam :)))
I miss you alot
again Im busy these days
well the list is a nice way to feel happy and I usually write it once in a while, its really helpful...
thank you :*
miss you and take care

nasim said...

Nazy jan salaam,

how are you doing?! I have missed you a lot. I came back from my trip last week. would love to grab a lunch or coffee with you whenever you have time. email me whenever you like to do it.

I like the idea of writing a list and I used to do it for the things that made me happy or sad. I have not been doing it for a while. but I will start it again :)

Noonoosh said...

cant wait to see ur list.....I will definitely try to write down mine .....