Away and Home

I am in a familiar city next to dear and old friends. My friends are looking after me and making a fuss over me, spoiling me to no end! I went to visit two lovely old ladies, a Qajar princess and her cousin, yesterday afternoon. Though I was really tired after my long flight and jet lag, their stories were so fascinating, I stayed awake and energized throughout the visit. They showed me pictures of themselves when they were children and young girls in Tehran, some of those pictures 85 years old! I will share some of the stories with you over the coming days and weeks, if I can write them the way I heard them, full of joy of life and optimism.
My friends are taking me to a fundraising event for an organization which builds schools in the rural areas of Iran. I am really interested in that work and I will share whatever I find out with you. For now, I am going to wind down and relax, worrying less about my life and responsibilities back home. Have a good Thursday you all!
Photo from here.


Chakameh Azimpour said...

hello Nazy joon. London is my most favorite city. Please enjoy it for me too. My dearest friend also lives there, send a kiss in the Air for her, and I hope she get it :-))

Esfand` said...

Have a great trip Dear Nazy!... I guess it has started soo good :)
get fresh and revitalized by spending these lovely moments with your lovely friends.

Anonymous said...

سلام سلام خوش بگذره خانوم گل
روزهای شاد و خوبی داشته باشی پر از خاطره های خوب


Mehran said...

come home We miss you already

nasim said...

enjoy your trip!

يكي مثه همه said...

daer Nazy
Im happy you are having fun with your lovely friends, enjoy it.
London always reminds me lots of interesting and unforgettable memories I had there in my childhood.
take care

Noonoosh said...

Qajar stories !!! wow , must be amazing .I wish you could share the photos too ...I will love them .enjoy my optimist friend enjoy

parsa said...

dear nazi hi
i come back.whit 2 weblog.engilsi hand persian.

Daisy said...

Salam Nazy jon,
"toye bloget, jat khyli khalie"
I miss you.

fari said...

سلام نازی عزیز

من هم یک بار پارسال یا پسر عموی پدرم که 91 سالش بودو اتفاقا خودش و همسرش هردو تاریخی بودن صحبت میکردم داستان های فوق العاده ای برای شنیدن داشت
اگر اشتباه نکنم همسرشون نوه باقر خان می شد

احسان said...

I am glad to know that you are having a good time Nazy jan.