Tea in the Northern Iran forests of Ab Pari, photo by Hamed Masoumi, Iranian.com, June 9, 2008.
I had to go through a colonoscopy today. Those of you who know about the procedure, know that it consumes two whole days of a person's life, hence my disappearance. Yikes. The good news is that I don't have to do another one for another five years and that's a good thing, indeed!
I am so glad I had such a good and relaxing time with my family on Saturday. As I sat in the car with my sister, my niece, and my son, I was listening to their conversation. They were a bit surprised at my silence. I told them to wait for me while I got recharged by observing them and enjoying their proximity. They left me alone until I, too, joined the many threads of lively conversation among them. It was a joy to spend time with them all. My 14-year-old niece, Nikoo, tried to put eye makeup on me, which was an interesting experience! I loved all the fuss and attention, though the end results unfortuntely, did not make me beautiful! I think nothing makes me beautiful, but that's O.K. with me!
This is my week for getting organized and catching up with my life. Since I had this day off for the procedure, my work week starts tomorrow. I am going to work on a new plan for myself. I hope it works. I hope you all have started a good week, too. Happy Tuesday y'all.


Aireza M (Torabian) said...

Thats great news, we have a sad history of colorectal cancer in our family so everyone has to go through screening, I was so frightened that I went for screening this summer :) turned out its not necessary until the age of 40 for me (others can start at 50)

I know, eye make up makes everyone beautiful, you of course don't notice it yourself because to fully appreciate its magic you have to close your eyes :)

I'm happy you are back healthy and sound, we were missing our late night readings

Babak said...

Nazy jan, I'm happy you're fine... and you know what? Beauty is in the heart... a face reminds you the whole characteristics of the person and when you look at the person, you feel good. It's like looking at a beautiful view and all the joys, peace and good feelings that come to you. It's deep and everlasting.
I saw you in the clip. You haven't posted anything about it!

! said...

سلام نازی عزیزم ...
خواستم چیز دیگری بنویسم ، دستم نرفت ....
صرفا می گویم خواندم و هستم ..
همین !

! said...

راستی یه خبر :
تهران در این لحظه ای که دارم برات می نویسم شدیدا و تند بارون میاد ...
اینقدر تند که در چند لحظه تمام خیابون رو سیل برداشت ...

Assal said...

Nazy Joonam:

So sorry you had to go through that terrible procedure! This refers to the colonoscopy as well as trying on eye makeup! I still to this day don't know how to use eyeliner even though once my college roommate did get me on the floor and trap me into closing my eyes to apply some liquid liner! :)

I can't believe you weren't talkative during the car trip! The one thing I adore most about being in your presence is listening to your stories and jokes!! I love listening to the sound of your voice...

I am still waiting to see the pictures from the Santa Cruz trip!


Noonoosh said...

Glad to see you are O.K again .....make doesnt make anyone more beautiful than she already is .Natural beauty is always the best

Anonymous said...

Greeting my modest friend

Dear Nazy

I wish always see you healthy and safe. These days, when I am coming back to your blog I do not see such rapid updates!! I am deeply pleased when I think you may take more rest in your life my dear friend. I am carefully following your posts here and sorry if I do not take comment for you. I mainly like to enjoy the feeling in a silent manner. Your posts have always very deep massages for me. I am learning many items from you such as to be modest, open minded, and having positive attitude toward the words. Although, I have a great critical mind; I adore those who can find faults in him/herself before addressing it to the others. Those who can digest the truth and never let themselves deny it even if it makes them break themselves!! This is the first stage of real honesty, I believe. I adore you because of all these positive attitudes.

About picture: You are choosing very memorable and nice pictures and also you do it brightly most of the time! 

All the best;

PS: دوست ایینه ای من تو مصداق این بیتی:

آیینه گر نقش تو بنمود راست
خود شکن آیینه شکستن خطاست

همیشه پاینده باشی عزیز

Anonymous said...

Salam Nazy jounam;

khoobi? omidvaram ke hame chiz khoob pish rafte bashe.