Stepping Into A Roomful of Love

Ghamsar rose farm harvest, Kashan, May 2008. Photo by Sid Sarshar, Where Roses Flow, Iranian.com, May 26, 2008. I wished I were there.
It's Friday. It has been a strange week for me. Some things at work were really stressful this week and some things on the home front were not very happy, either. Then, all of a sudden, I started feeling a lot better yesterday. I found a burst of energy and thoughts and ideas on how to get myself out of the unhappy patch I am walking these days. I found myself surrounded by supportive friends and exciting ideas! For the millionth time in my life, I am grateful for the gift of friends and friendships. The interesting thing about this week was that except for my very old friend, Linda, who has been my friend for the past 28 years, all the other friends I saw this week were men. I hadn't even thought about this until I went to download my camera tonight, and I saw all those kind and friendly faces belonging to my male friends whose pictures I had taken all week long. That was interesting!
I am going to have a relaxing day with my family tomorow. I'll go to visit my younger sister in Sacramento in the company of my other sisters and nieces and my older son. I am going to let myself be spoilt by my family and their love. I miss them very much and it would be good to be away from my daily routine for a day. I recommend a dose of love for all of you, too! You know, as each of you walk into a room with people you love, you have all that you need with you right there. Use your facial muscles for smiles, your arms for tight embraces, your lips for big fat kisses, your voice for boisterous laughter, your eyes for taking in all the beauties of life, your feet to dance, and your words to soothe and calm and coo. Even if you don't feel like doing any of these things, be mild and nice and easy-going you guys, making it a pleasure for others to have you around. Don't think about work, and forget your vows for a few hours. Stay in the moments which make up here and now. Let your mind record the pleasures and sensations of love and understanding. You will need to use those recordings later, on harder days when you have to play them to be reminded of who you are and what your life is all about and what matters the most. Go build those memories this weekend. Have a good weekend you all.
I will reply to all the kind comments this weekend, I promise.


Noonoosh said...

That was so nice and energetic ..thank you very much Nazy jooon , and have a wonderful time with your family

I cant imagine you without smile ...boos boos

مسعود said...

ماندن در لحظه

خرم آن لحظه که مشتاق به یاری برسد
آرزومند نگاری به نگاری برسد
دیده بر روی چو گل بندد نبود خبرش
گرچه در دیده ز نوک مژه خاری برسد
لذت وصل نداند مگر آن سوخته ای
که پس از دوری بسیار به یاری برسد
قیمت گل نشناسد مگر آن مرغ اسیر
که خزان دیده بود پس به بهاری برسد


Anonymous said...

khosh halam ke khoobi Nazy joun.omidvaram ke khosh begzare har ja ke hasti.
I loved your IQ story..ha ha
sweet story teller.
esm mosabeghe chi bood?


آدم گلابی said...

reading you reminds me that i should not forget to inhabit the moment. we tend to forget how precious is "the here and now" in the fast paced lives we have.
it's good that you are here to remind us, in spite of your own busy schedule and daily struggles
have a great week ahead of you Nazi jaan
a big hug from the bottom of my heart

Esfand` said...

Thank you Nazy! :D I had a wonderful weekend doing all this you said ... I kept my self faaar away from work, despite promises to my self that I will work :P and then I danced ;) hehe and then I talked a lot, about random meaningless stuff ... saw good movies, and walked all the way to shnucks with a friend, past mid night just to get some ice cream, and ate it all while sitting on a bench back way home :D

Tried almost every morning of the weekend to see the sunrise :P but it was cloudy ..... but I did try! :D

Have a splendid week dear!
n keep spreading the love!

! said...

سلام نازی جونم باز هم یونی فر مارکو از مسافرت آمد
ای بابا
باز هم کلی پست عقبم :(
خوب می خوانیم همین امروز

احسان said...

Hi Nazy jan. I hope your weekend was even more joyous than you anticipated.