The Phone Call

My oldest sister called me from Tehran today. We chatted for about an hour, like we used to do a lot before. My sister has always had a maternal presence in my life, and has served as my confidant from the very first time I fell in love to the time before last! The last time was too hard to talk about! It cheered me up so much to talk with her today. I should talk to my family more often.
My sister is the one that came to bring me home when I sleep-walked at 8 years of age! I had gone to our neighbor's house, would you believe it?! They called her and she came to get me! She is also the one in whose custody I almost drowned in the pool when I was barely one year old! Some babysitter she was! They found me floating in the pool, and I was revived by my brother who arrived just in time. Well, she saved me so many other times later, I have to forgive her for that one time! I almost died two more times in my life. I'll tell you about those stories some other time. For now trust me when I tell you I know why I love and cherish life as much as I do. Life is fragile and precious. It must be lived to its fullest and with as much gusto as possible. That's how I live.


Anonymous said...

khosh halam ke hasti va che boodani..
kash man ham betoonam en joori zendegi konam.

baray pesarha ham khoshhalam.Be happy nazy jan


مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
A delicate flower you are..
and there is wind
a smile..a memory..and a scar
a moon asking..what happened?

clouds hiding a sun
a foggy day
would you stay..would you run?
where's the way...

here's a sign.. follow the heart
like a line...is it too hard?

"maybe I should..live alone",
said the eyes
a dew drop...at a dawn!
as she cries

we live...we die
we write the fate
we sin..we lie
what's the real..what's the shade?

I'll be here...my little flower
don't you fear...I got the" feather"!
شعراز یک جوان لبنانی ست به نام هاشم

shokaran said...

Salam Nazy,
I don't want be nosy, but I really like to hear about your personal stories, your experiences in every aspect of life...
I enjoy reading you.

Daisy said...

I really liked this poem by Hashem.

نیلوفر said...

How sweet !

Karim said...

salam. Interesting.