The Impending Flight

Faranak Ravon discovered these doves nesting in her backyard in Northern California. See more here. From Iranian.com, June 2, 2008.
And so, though it won't be for several more weeks, I am starting to feel the emotions related to my son's leaving the nest. The only saving grace of how low I feel whenever I think about his departure is how excited he is! That's a very good thing, indeed.
My very good friend, Alef Shin, has written a beautiful poem in his latest blog. He has kindly and generously dedicated this gorgeous poem to me. Please go read it and see for yourselves how beautiful it is. In a few days it will be a year since I "met" Alef Shin in cyberspace on Tameshk's blogs. It has been a year full of friendship, kindness, wisdom, and learning from him and his gifted students, the Universal Dimension. They are one of the reasons blogging has been so important to me, for the chance it has offered me to learn from some of the best young minds of Iran from Iran. I do love that bunch a lot!
Have a good Thursday you all.


Mehran said...

Nazy jan
I loved the poem. Mr. Alef shin is one of the best people I had honor to get to know by blog world. Thanks to you and your blog I have found a wonderful friendship with him and his gifted students. i would like also take the opportunity and thank Dr. Alef-shin publicly for his help for my nourroz show in last March. I am sure nobody could help me to collect the best Persian poems for the occasion the way he did. I hope I get the honor to meet him one day

ا. ش. said...

سلام بر نازی عزیز. من هم از آشنایی با فردی چون شما مفتخرم، و نیز عزیزانی چون مهران و جناب پیام و غیره که به واسطه ی شما با ایشان آشنا شدم. ما همه چون اجرامی به موجب جاذبه ی ثقل خویش در دور و کنار هم در چرخشیم و می دانم که همگی از این حرکت پیوسته و مداوم تا چه حد شاد و خرسندیم. من این روزها در سفرم و امروز بار دیگر رفتیم بر فراز جنگل های گیلان و قلعه رودخان را زیارتی دوباره کردیم. سر فرصت خدمت می رسم و آن گونه که شایسته است عرض ادبی خواهم کرد.ء
از مهران عزیز هم به خاطر محبت و لطفش بسیار سپاس گزارم. در سفرم به کرمان که شعر اخیر تحت تاثیر آن سروده شده همه جا به یادش بودم و نیز همگی شما عزیزانم.ء
سلامت و خوش باشید.ء

Marzieh said...

نازی جان
بسیار شعر قشنگی است.آفرین بر ایشان و ممنون از شما.
انگار اسم پسر تون رااشتباه نوشتم! اسم دومی کیوان نیست؟ فراموش کرده ام
همیشه بر قرار باشید.
راستی ! علت سحر خیزی من هم اینه که کنار یاسی خواب رفتم با همین صفحه کامنت ها البته برای پست قبلی
.همه جوابها رو هم خوندم
مرسی عزیزم.
روز خوبی را در برکلی زیبا داشته باشی.

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joon
Indeed it is hard to see the chicks leaving the nest; but they always come back full handed and that is I am sure even more joyous. Also I really enjoyed Ms. A.Sh.'s piece which was attentive like always.

Parinaz said...

Dearest Nazy;
Once in the past, I was complaining to my parents that why they did not let me fly; they said my wings were not strong enough to hold me...
Now that I'm grown up and according to them, my wings are ready for flying, I'm just hesitating...
Because I'm bigger and now aware of the way ahead of me!
Strange life!
Strange being!

Happy his belated birthday! I wish you all the best moments.

Faranak said...

Nazy aziz,
I wish I could read your blog daily, as I really enjoyed what I read so far. Keep up the great work!
As for the attached picture, these 3 are actually baby doves. The hummingbirds were also posted on Iranian.com (not very clear as they're tiny at the time). I've been taking pictures of them as they're growing. Send me your email address and I'll forward them your way separately-