Stepping Into the Clouds

Khorramshahr Cup Polo Games, Iran, May 30, 2008. This is for my friends, Sheida and Shireen and Assal. Assal's grandfather was a polo player. I have seen awesome pictures of him as a young man on a horse, playing polo in Iran. I remember him fondly, a strong and generous man who loved Iran, Esfahan, and his family. He was an extremely articulate man, intelligent and full of thought. This picture reminded me of him today. May he and his loving wife rest in peace.
It's Friday. To tell you the truth, last week was not so hot on the work front and left me depeleted of energy and joy. I won't go into it. It's the weekend and I want to concentrate on happier things in life. I heard from my friends this week and saw several of them. It was nice to talk and laugh and reminisce and confide. It was a good reminder of some of the things that really matter in life.
I participated in a test for a new medical procedure this week. My family's medical history puts me in a category that is of interest to a medical group in Canada who are developing a new blood test. I felt so important as I showed up to an appointment where they drew my blood, and had me sign a bunch of consent forms. That was it! My blood now travels to places unknown to hopefully help humanity somehow, someday. That feels really good!
My kids still aren't talking. But they have to do things together because they share a car. My younger son had to drop his older brother off at a "lunch date" before he left for work this afternoon. I had to watch them bicker and fight as they got ready and left together today. I so want them to make up and put all of us out of our miseries!
I want to wish all of you a happy and peaceful weekend. I will be celebrating life and friendship with my good friends tomorrow night. I will cook and clean my house for them, or am I doing it for me? One of the best joys in life is to have a home which can host friends. It's never clear to me which one has a better time when I have guests, them or me?! Well, I think I do. Gather your friends and hang out with them, talking and laughing and dancing. Surround yourselves in a cloud of trust and love which can best be provided by friends. Let them into your home and your heart and let them be the cause for a cleaner home and a happier heart! Be good you all!


مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
گفته اند که مقدمه واجب، واجب است.حالا ازین دست می توان گفت:مقدمه شادی،شادی است.پس تو از وقت روفتن و شستن و پختن تا اجرای مراسم شادمان هستی،اما میهمانانت فقط شادی بخش آخر را درک می کنند.
ظاهراً شادمانی سبکباری می آورد که اوج شادی را به راه رفتن روی ابر تشبیه کرده اند.

Anonymous said...

have a good weekend Nazy jan.

Assal said...

I have a photo album that I keep in my bookshelf that is dedicated to my grandfather. In most of my favorite pictures, he is sitting horseback, his head held high and his chest stuck out in pride. Seeing that you dedicated this picture to his memory today really touched my heart, and I found myself feeling empty. I remember him in childhood memories, and I love him through the photos and the stories my family shares with me...but I wish I could talk to him now, as an adult. Maybe in the next life, I'll be able to ask all the questions I have for him. Thank you for remembering someone I respect more than I have ever respected anyone who is living---I love him very much and I love you for thinking of him. I wish you were I could hug you right now, Nazy Joonam and share these pictures with you! Muahhh!!!!

Sheida said...

Hi Nazy joon,
Thanks for the lovely comment about my father, it really touched my heart. I love you and ROOHESH SHAD.

آدم گلابی said...

how i enjoy reading you Nazi jaan, i loved the part about your sons, isn't that sweet? they will be soon like before with a stronger bond. i just love observing the dynamics between siblings especially as they grow.
have a great rest of the weekend n wonderful week ahead of you
much love,