Tjeknavorian and Mehrtash

My interview with Maestro Loris Tjeknavorian was published in Persian Cultural Center of San Diego's Peyk this week. Here are images of the two-page feature. Click on the image to read it. If this is a problem, let me know and I'll post the text.
My friend, Mersedeh, who is a writer and the Editor of Peyk's English section, has been a very good friend to me over the past year. She is a special young woman, worldly, educated, talented, multi-lingual, artistic, and refined. Though she appears serious and intense most of the time, she is actually a very funny girl, full of subtle and intelligent humor and thought. Mersedeh celebrates a birthday tomorrow. I'd like to wish her a year full of pleasant surprises and achievements. In her new year of life, I hope she laughs more, dances more, shops more (if such a thing is even possible!), learns more, and reaches higher. She can do anything she wants, as far as I'm concerned, including but not limited to, walking on water! I also hope she worries less and sleeps more. These are my wishes for a dear friend on the eve of her birthday. Happy Birthday Mersedeh Jan.


Anonymous said...

Salam Nazy Khanoom,

Your friends should be so luckly to know you. It would be so pleasing for her to see you wrote a post about her birthday... I wish her the best too
Thanks for asking! I am actually admitted to a Canadian university (UBC) for the coming fall and hopefully Ill be there by August. I am running away of the heat and humidity in here!


Nazy said...

Shahrzad Jan:

That's fabulous! Congratulations! Depending on where you go in Canada, there might be places with worse climate, I'm afraid! My friends are burried under a ton of snow every winter in Winnipeg--for months! Vancouver has excellent weather, though. I hope you achieve whatever you want in life.

My friends, including you and Mersedeh and now Loris Tjeknavorian, all make me the lucky woman that I am. I believe that. Have a good "one of the last few days" in Dubai! It is a patch of earth full of memories for me and my boys, you know.

نونوش said...

Nice wishes .....

! said...

تبریک می گم نازی عزیزم
تبریک تبریک تبریک
امیدوارم به موفقیت های بزرگتر برسی و شاد باشی همیشه...
خوش باشی

Mersedeh said...


Thank you for your kind words and the appealing description you have given of me,which ultimately uncovers my reflection in your heart.

Since I turned 30 last year my perspective [and with it the flavor of my birthdays] have changed and it has been a difficult adjustment. It didn't get any easier [turning 31] this year, except for the gift of new friendships, including yours.

I must also confess that besides my last name on this post, I share something else with Maestro Tjeknavorian, and that is the significance that he places on Love and the fundamental value that he assigns to it. I suppose if they were to measure age according to that factor alone, I would never have to worry about growing old!

Thank you also on behalf of Peyk, for giving us the interview [which by the way you forgot to mention was the ENGLISH COVER FOR THIS ISSUE!!!]. Most of all thank you for the love you've sent my way tonight and for all your good wishes for me. I have just 2 specific wishes for this year that I would like to add to that list and it will be ready to be mailed to Santa or the B-Day Fairy or ...any volunteers?

Love you Nazy Jan, merci...


Anonymous said...

What a mesmerising talk with him!
He sounds to be very nice and thoughtful! Very interesting words and concepts about women!
I loved his words.
Thank you for such a nice interview.

Chakameh Azimpour said...

Ah. I was late!! I saw your paper in Peyk two days ago, and didn't get a chance to write you about it. And now you talked about it yourself!!! I am so bumped :-))
It was very well writen, as usual. Be happy Nazy joon.

Mojgan said...

Happy Birthday Mersedeh joon! I wish you everything Nazy listed in her wishes too! :0)
I am so glad I met you already or I would have thought Nazy is exaggerating ;-)
you are definitely a very intelligent, witty and sweet young lady.
Happy birthday my dear and I hope all your birthday wishes come true.
Now I have to go back and read the interview.

PS: Love you too Nazy jan

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam
As always your pieces and interviews are very well-written and strong! Also I want to wish Mersedeh a very fun and pleasant Happy Birthday!

Many kisses for both of you,

! said...

Mersedeا jan
تولدت مبارک
امیدوارم هرچقدر دوست داری زندگی کنی و به هر جا می خواهی برسی
خوش و سلامت باشی

bayramali said...

First of all Happy happy birthday to birthday girl , Mersedeh jan tavalodet mobarak . I wish best for you and thanks for your nice and perfect cultural activities . It is a great when a young Iranian lady like you are so interstaed to our culture and traditions . well done .
second it was a very interesting interview with legendary maestro Tjeknavorian , to tell the true . I am jealous about that!!!I wish was there! but it was amazing . I like this interview

Mersedeh said...

Ooooh....just one more hour left on my birthday...!!! I started off my day looking crazy wearing red pants and a black top, had balloons and cake at work (It was terribly embarrassing walking out of the building with all those balloons and VERY DANGEROUS driving with them in the car!!!) and I had a lovely dinner followed by more cake tonight with some good friends here at home.

And now, I want to just take a minute before this day ends, to once again thank Nazy for sharing her space (both in her blog & heart) with me and also thank all of my wonderful friends who left me B-Day wishes here, as well as Nazy's lovely readers who also extended their friendship to me tonight as well. Thank you all for making my day special!!

As for the SF folks, you keep sweet-talking me this much and I'll be on the next southwest flight up there!!....be careful!

Love you all
[Merci Nazy Joonam]


Farideh said...

Nazy jan, salam.... Life is getting hectic - so, what's new! - and I have no time to write in my blog anymore. Thank you for this short period of "get together" with nice people. I wish everybody the best and the "bestest" of the best to you my dear. Of course I will keep on reading your blog.

Esfand` said...

hehe.... Happy Birthday Mersedeh!

Dear Nazy, Good to see you published! :) ... interview is awesome! you must have enjoyed it ... specially loved your question, "and what do you think about men?" :D hehe... what made you ask that? :P may be the fact that rest of your questions n his answers in one way or another happened to be about women, hehe.

Keep writing and enjoying your life dear NK!

! said...

Dear Mersedeh
مواظب باش کاری دست خودت ندی حالا
ولی خیلی خوشحالم که روز تولدت اینقدر بهت خوش گذشت ...
و خیلی هم ممنونم از تشکری که کرده بودی ...
واقعا باید از نازی عزیز تشکری ویژه کرد که بلاگش امکان ایجاد این روابط زیبا و عمیق رو از راهی به این دوری فراهم کرده ...
خیلی ممنونم نازی جونم
و باز هم مرسده ی عزیزم تولدت مبارک
wish you the best
be good azizam !!!

Nazy said...

Thank you Noonoosh Jan. I came and visited you today. I loved the story of the "pacifier!" Heeh! The trials and tribulations of a young child's mother! Enjoy these beautiful days Noonoosh Jan. Sometime in the distant future, someone will ask you what was the happiest time of your life, and you will say: "When I had a baby in my arms." Have a good day in Tehran.

Nazy said...

Thank you, wonderful Farshad!

Mersedeh has seen your kind comment and has asked for your email address which I am forwarding to her.

Be happy.

Nazy said...

Jeez, Mersedeh! You humble me!

If only everybody knew what wonderful and Iran-loving new generation of Iranians have grown up and become responsible adults away from Iran. You most certainly represent that generation with flying colors.

The pleasure of your association is all mine. Thank you for the friendship.

Nazy said...

Salam Parinaz Jan:

Loris Tjeknavorian is such a nice man up close and personal! He is full of stories and funny anecdotes and jokes! It is never a dull moment next to him. We are so jazzed up around here, because he said he might come back to the Bay Area again soon.

When he agreed to do the interview, we talked briefly about the topic, and we agreed on "love." Once he started talking about his favorite subject, the interview just wrote itself, because he was so passionate on the subject.

It was a great experience for me, that much I know. Be good Parinaz Jan. I love your name.

Nazy said...

Chakameh, Chakameh!

I'm so glad you come to visit me again. I have missed you so much!

Heeh! Poor Mersedeh had to put up with my badgholi about the piece several times and had to pull an allnighter to prepare it for publication at the last moment. I'll have to make it up to her next time I submit something for publication in Peyk.

Thanks so much for your kind words and your interest in my scribblings. You inspire me to try harder.

Be healthy and happy brilliant Chakameh.

Nazy said...

Salam Mojgan Jan:

Heeh! It was so much fun meeting you and Azarin in Irvine! You are exactly as your writing looks, warm, kind, and loving! It was such a good day spent in your company.

I can't wait to see you again soon. I'll write separately to give you my phone number.

Have a good weekend sweet Mojgan.

Nazy said...

Tameshk Jan:

You are very kind to visit and to leave your words of support. I know you must be busy planning your move. I wish you and Hossein all the best and look forward to seeing you soon.

Be happy and thrive Roja Jan.

Nazy said...

Bayram Jan:

You know that if I can help it, I never go anywhere without you! This was a spontaneous opportunity which I seized to the best of my ability!

Next time he is in town, you'll be the one I call to go to lunch with us! (did you see my friends Niloofar and Renaud in the picture? My friend Kathy was there, too, but she's not in the picture.).

Nazy said...

Farideh, Farideh!

But you must write! You're too good to give it up! I have missed you very much. I hope that when things settle down for you, you will resume your wonderful stories for us. Until then, please do come by and visit my friend. Your kind and articulate comments are always welcome. Be good azizam and good luck on your projects.

Nazy said...

Salam Esfand Jan:

Ha Ha! I honestly wanted to know! I thought he handled that question really well, too, won't you agree?!

Sometime over the coming weeks I will post this interview on Iranian.com and hopefully I will also be able to feature a few songs from his "Love Songs" CD. I will be sure to leave the link here for you to hear his music, too!

Have a good weekend Esfand Jan.