Haleh's Story

A handicrafts shop in Masouleh, Gilan, May 4, 2008.
For the past several months, I have been writing some pieces about relationships. I have been talking to people around me, each with a unique and different story about the joys and pains of love. The result is a series of stories, not all told in my usual story-telling style. I'm not sure how this happened, but when I sat down to do the stories, they each took a different shape, pouring out of me in any which way they chose, it seemed. I'll be showing them to you over the coming weeks. Here's my friend, Haleh's story, the way my heart heard it through her tears:
You love someone else, you say
I am confused and anguished for having put my guard down
Long enough to let you into my heart
I so want to be done thinking about you, so I try but
It is her I can’t get out of my mind
It is not about her looks
It is not about her youth
It is not about her figure, what has me thinking about
For what difference would any of that make for me
It is her I can’t get out of my mind, because
She can touch the curls in your hair
She can swim in the warm brown sea of your eyes
She can hold your strong, kind hands in hers
She can smell your scent on her pillow, and
Look affectionately at your short strands of salt and pepper hair
Left behind
She won’t have to look at those strands of hair long,
or worry about their getting lost as I did
Because you, yourself, will be back in her arms soon enough
You will let yourself in with a gait to your walk
As you go to be with the woman you love
And I hope she is good to you, kind and generous
As I would have been, could you have given me a chance
Had I been lucky enough to have been her.


Noonoosh said...

I can hardly catch up with ur pace !!!

Daisy said...

that was the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Please consider publishing your stories :)

Assal said...

Nazy Joon. It's 11:24 p.m. and this brought my tears flowing. You worded it perfectly and although it was a love story, halfway through, I got this feeling of dread in my stomach and the tears just let loose by the time I was finished. This was heartbreaking and beautiful. It really touched me, more than almost any post before. It was beautiful!