A Good Saturday

Giveh workshop, Arak, Iran, April 8, 2008.
I attended the writers' workshop today. It was a really interesting event. I will write more about that when I return. I met several very interesting people today, authors whose works have been published in the US. I also saw my sweet nephew tonight. All in all, it was a great day, spent in the company of really intelligent and wonderful people, people whose hearts and minds are with Iran and Iranians and issues of concern and importance to them. I am exhausted! I will write more tomorrow.


Shobeir said...

"A good sunday" or how to take things easy while you are busy!
Shad zid

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
آیا قرینه ای میان گیوه و نویسنده یافته ای؟

سوسن said...

سلام خانم نازي،چرا بعضي وقتا صفحه كامنتس بالا نمياد؟!راستي گيوه ي كدوم شهر ايران خوبه؟من مي خوام بخرم(من تو تهرانم)