To Us, Here and Now

Mina Kari workshop in Isfahan, May 28, 2008. More photos here.
Soon all those plates will be painted, looking the same, while in fact each of them is its own unique creation as is the case with all art. But right now, one of them is painted and the other ones are plain. Like most people, depending on the moment and environment and circumstances, I have come to know how it feels to be both, and neither one is better than the other. Life has its own rewards and challenges whether we are colorful or plain. Trying too hard to be colorful or plain keeps us from enjoying the moment and the opportunity of being that which we are. We are who and what we are, each of us a piece of art, which might be transformed through life's brush strokes, glaze, or heat. Later, we might get better with age, someday becoming a coveted "antique" piece. Then again, we may not. What is important and urgent to do, is to enjoy life just as and what and how and who and where we are in it now. This moment counts and nothing else. Here's to us, here and now.


mehran said...

you are the best writter ever nazy jonam,,, i liked it

مسعود said...

باید زندگی کرد

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