Voices for Peace

This is the first cut of the "no war on Iran" video clip Shcauleh Sahba has made. She is looking for 16 more volunteers to film in the clip and people to help her with music and Farsi captioning. Once it is completed, her goal is to create three broadcast quality versions of this public service announcement (one with out any subtitles, one with English subtitles and one with Persian subtitles) and get it on national TV as soon as possible. Here's Schauleh's blog about the project on Iranian.com today. A beautiful young Iranian with a beautiful idea. It is an honor and a pleasure for me to be included in this project.
Happy Thursday everybody and make this the day you will do something for peace.
P.S. Happy Happy Birthday to my wonderful reader-turned-friend, Farshad Salehi, a.k.a. Universal Farshad, a.k.a Uni-Far! Here's wishing you a fabulous year of love, friendship, and joy.


! said...

salam Nazy joonam
چه جالب که اولین گزیرش رو هم خودم می نویسم !!!
اولا خیلی ممنونم بخاطر تبریکی که گفتی واقعا ممنونم :)
می دونی نازی عزیزم این سایت تو واقعا جای خیلی جالبیه
اولا اینکه آدم توش خیلی احساس راحتی میکنه و احساس می کنه بهش تعلق داره
دوم اینکه خیلی روابط خوبی رو ایجاد کرده و کلی اسباب آشنایی هایی دورادور شده که بنظر من واقعا ارزشمنده ...
می دونی نازی جونم امروز ما رفته بودیم با زهرا و شبیر ( که می شناسی ) و جمع دیگری از دوستان پیک نیک به مناسبت تولد !!!
البته دوتا تولد ;) یکی تولد من و دیگری تولد زهرا !! آره میشناسیش ...
خلاصه کلی خوش گذروندیم و جای شما و دوستان عزیز وبلاگ نویس هم خیلی خالی بود ، کاش همه اینجا بودین که با هم می رفتیم و ... ای بابا
نازی عزیزم یه چند تا عکس برات می فرستم از محل رفتن و این جور چیز ها
خلاصه رفتیم و جوجه کبابی درست کردیم و خوردیم ، هندوانه ای در آب انداختیم و بعد از ظهر قاچ کردیم و خلاصه حسابی جای شما خالی :)

! said...

نازی عزیزم
شعری از فروغ رو با نام "روی خاک" تقدیم می کنم به همه ی دوستان
هرگز آرزو نکرده ام
یک ستاره در سراب آسمان شوم
یا چو روح برگزیدگان
همنشین خامش فرشتگان شوم
هرگز از زمین جدا نبوده ام
با ستاره آشنا نبوده ام
روی خاک ایستاده ام
با تنم که مثل ساقه گیاه
باد و آفتاب و آب را
می مکد که زندگی کند

بارور ز میل
بارور ز درد
روی خاک ایستاده ام
تا ستاره ها ستایشم کنند
تا نسیمها نوازشم کنند

از دریچه ام نگاه می کنم
جز طنین یک ترانه نیستم
جاودانه نیستم


از دیوان تولدی دیگر

iPouya said...

NICE!!! I love the fact that Enayat and Jahanshah were in the video!!!

! said...

واقعا از ویدئو لذت بردم
خیلی ممنونم
واقعا با این عبارت ایده زیبا من کاملا موافقم و واقعا احساس غرور می کنم که یک ایرانی این چنین زیبا ایده پردازی و عمل کرده
، از تو هم نازی عزیزم برای به اشتراک گذاشتنش ممنونم
راستی نازی جونم
happy Thursday to you all too
wish peace for world too ...
love you all

Alireza Mojarrab said...

Amazing Idea, absolutely loved it

It needs a background music

Mojgan said...

Such a great clip and so good to see those lovely familiar faces :0)

Thanks for spreading the word against the military attack against Iran.
Lets hope for the best <3 <3 xoxo

احسان said...

Hi Nazy jan.
This is an interesting idea. I liked the clip.

Nazy said...

Salam Farshad Jan:

I am so glad you spent a happy birthday with your friends! Taleghan must be so beautiful now. Did you have toot? Yumm. I miss it.

I'm glad you liked the videoclip. Schauleh is a remarkable young woman with a very good heart.

I hope you are starting a good week in Tehran. Be good doost-e-man and send me those photographs. I will share them with others.

Nazy said...

Pouya, Pouya:

Enayat and I figured out who you are! You were the President of Berkeley's Iranian Students Association, weren't you?! A remarkable young man! Where are you now? In the 'hood? Come and visit with me if you are. It is always a pleasure knowing the new generation of articulate and fascinating Iranians anywhere in the world.

We had to read the text and Schauleh picked which phrases were included. I am honored to have participated in the company of all those fabulous local and international luminaries!

Come back again soon!

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Mojgan-e-Azizam, a true Daughter of Iran:

Fancy meeting you here! I am so happy you are coming to visit my humble abode! I think you are a truly special woman and when you pay me a compliment, I get so buzzed!

I'm glad you liked the clip. Hopefully when the final cut is ready, we will be able to echo the message in many places.

"No War On Iran" has been on my mind and my friends' minds for the past couple of years. I don't think you have seen this home-made slideshow and clip which my friend, Roja (Tameshk) and I made last Fall (she did all the work, I took the credit!). The music on the clip is my friend Vaaleh's voice. Take a look:


Come back again my sweet friend!

Nazy said...

Salam Mr. Mojarrab:

Thank you. I think Schauleh said she is looking for help in putting music on the clip. Hopefully she will be able to create her final cut soon and it should look even better.

Anyhow, how are you? Be good and have a superb weekend Mr. Mojarrab!

Nazy said...

Ehsan, Ehsan,

Where have you been? I miss you and Maryam so much! So, do I have to post an important piece of artistic expression before I can get you to come and visit me and say something? You make it so hard!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Nikahang's Blog said...

I loved it!

Nazy said...

Salam Aghaye Kowsar!

Boy, I am dumbfounded! I can't believe you came to visit again! I'm so glad you liked Schauleh's project. When a compliment comes from an artist it means even more. I will convey your message to Schauleh Sahba. Be happy Nikahang!