Scattered Thoughts

Tea for one, today.
I spent a peaceful weekend with my family and doing things that needed to be done. My kids are on one of their rare "not speaking to each other" trips, and this makes me a bit sad. Soon enough they will resume their very close relationship, but it bothers me to no end when they go through these brotherly spats. I'd much rather see them ganging up on me than each of them being separately really nice to me and not talking to one another!
On a separate note, something happened this weekend and I was reminded of one of my biggest flaws! Heeh! Confession time! Here goes: I don't take too kindly to people who break their promises. I don't need signatures and documents or swearing on one's honor to accept a promise; a simple verbal promise will do. But when people break those promises I go completely berserk! That's a flaw, I think. I should be more forgiving, I suppose, but this is one of the few areas of human shortcoming which is just too hard for me to take. I think a promise is too important to break, especially where it is not a matter of life or death which moves people to break a promise, but some calculation the result of which makes them do it (chortkeh). I have walked out of long-standing professional and personal relationships because of this, and I have had to pay a high price for this simple and dangerous requirement of mine. It's just that it's really hard for me to trust someone after he/she breaks a promise, because a real relationship cannot survive without trust, I believe. What do you think?
I'll be taking a short trip to visit dear friends in London in late June. If you live near London and would like to get together for a couple of hours when I'm there, let me know and we can arrange something. Leave a comment or send me an email if you like.
Have a good Tuesday you all!


مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
جانا سخن از زبان ما می گویی
یکی از ده فرمان موسی و یکی از چند شاخص ایمان که خداوند مقرر داشته وفای به عهد است.پیمان شکنی ؟آنهم اینجا؟میدانی کجا را می گویم؟دو روز پیش گفتم در آغاز امر خیری هستیم برای ولیعهد.دیشب چنان شد کان لم یکن شیئا مذکورا.دو کلمه حرف چهل و هشت ساعت دوام نیاورد.منهم بی خیال غزل شدم.البته نمی گذارم هدر برود و اگر تمام شد پیشکش می کنم به کسی که همنام اوست.از میان دوستان

به این سینی چه، که در این عکس زیر استکان چای قرار گرفته ،اینطرفها می گویند:فرمان بر.یا به لهجه درست:فرمون بر
برقرار باشی

Anonymous said...

نازی عزیزم
خوشحالم که آخر هفته خوبی داشتی.خودت می دونی که این قهر و آشتی ها جزوی از رابطه زیبای اونها است.با این دوری بهتر و بیشتر قدر هم را خواهند دانست.درمورد اعتماد و پیمان شکنی درست میگی بفای هر رابطه ای به اعتماد مابین بستگی داره.
امیدوارم سفر خوبی در پیش داشته باشی.
شاد و سر خوش باشی نازنینم


jeerjeerak said...

i agree, i myself am a woman of my word, if i give my word, i'll keep my promise, and i expect to be treated the same way!

London is superb, but when do you come for a visit here, Nazy joonam?;)

Assal said...

Nazy Joonam:

You know they will be back to normal soon! I was so happy to see you and the poet this weekend! It was too short!!! I miss you.

Take me to London with you. :)


Azita said...

Love the photo. A Cup of tea and a nooshin coloocheh.
Nazy Jan, I have so much respect for your honesty.
I feel the same way about the people who don’t honor their promises especially when you count on them to live up to their end of the bargain. Adult and mature relationships should be built based on commitments, courage, and being able to step forward despite worry, fear, anxiety and temptations.
Have a safe and wonderful trip.

Atefe said...

Dear Nazy,
I'm one of youe weblog reader. Thanks for your very beautiful writings shareeing with us.
May I have your email address?

نیلوفر said...

هه هه! یه لحظه ارزو کردم که کاش من لندن بودم
غافل از اینکه اینجا به هم نزدیکتریم

Anonymous said...

Salam Nazy,

Our societies are based on our promises. Generally, we can categorize them in 3 groups; the mental promises, verbal promises, and written promises. If our promises break, the society will break.
We need to break ourselves in order to break our promises. But for broken people…

Aida said...

Salaam Nazy Joon,
I just had one of those Koloocheh which a friend of mine brought from Iran!I recall you once I have one again..
To me,the trustworthy people can keep their promise.If some one breakes his promise,you can not trust hime anymore.Perhaps,that is why most of us cannot ignore it.If you do,you might get hurt more badly later on.
Kind regards,

آدم گلابی said...

i'd so much missed reading you. i was busy last week so i am catching up today! mmm, we are planning a trip to London n then Iran, actually Babak has to go to take care of some business and insists that we keep him company (he cant be away from pesarak i know!) but i am not sure if we should go, Bardia is so young and it wont be easy, i have yet to decide
take care Nazi jaan and have a great weekend ahead of you

Mojgan said...

Nazy jan
Tea and kolooche sounds so good, I wish we lived closer so you didn't have this alone time (especially with the kolooche ;-) j/k)
I remember those downtimes with my sisters when we were young, those were innocent querrels and after decades went by, we realized that no matter what makes us angry at each other, when we need someone to be there, our sisters are always the ones to count on.
as for the issue with promises that you so candidly speak of, my dearest Nazy, could it be that you are taking a suggestion or a simple word as a promise? could it be that the spoken word meant less of a promise and more like a possibility? I try not to allow myself to be disappointed, and sometimes that means not to count on every word I am told... People change their minds, or they simply forget sometimes. Allow yourself to look at the situations more positively and hopefully you won't see something to be as serious as a broken promise, and won't feel so disappointed. Just a thought :0)

Mitra said...

Dear Nazi jan,
Lovely post as usual, I like it.
I'm in Manchester which is a little far from London (2.5 hours by train), but I'll be very happy to meet you if you like to see Manchester too. I'm travelling to San Francisco next week for a conference and I assume you are living somewhere close to there,it'll be nice to meet if you are available.