A young woman looks at an Iran Darroudi painting at the opening of Iranian Artists Exposition in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, May 7, 2008. Photo by Raoof Mohseni, Mehr News Agency.
My older son has been working on a presentation for his Speech class for the past couple of weeks. I have had to help him zero in on his subject, gather his research material, and practice his presentation. He presented it in class today and will have a chance to compete in a speech tournament on Friday. Seldom have I seen him so excited about a school project. He has been alternatively excited and nervous and it has been interesting to be a part of his passion. His speech is about persuading his audience to help avoid a war on Iran. As I listened to him practice one more time last night, filled with the pride I felt at his subject choice and his emotion, but unauthorized to display too much (really, any) of that pride, I was thinking how much I would love to be able to hear his presentation. Alas, mothers are not welcome guests at young people's college projects, and I had to sit this one out! I asked him about it tonight and he said his presentation in class was "good," whatever that means.
I have had a very exhausting week at work and with my projects. I will show you some of my scribblings over the coming posts. I will also start to reply to all the kind messages, something I have had to give up in the interest of competing priorities, something I really miss. Have a sparkling Thursday and be good you all!


Assal said...

DVC Speech class was the first time in my life I understood how powerful a person's voice can be. I hope you can post excerpts of Kavi's speech for us to read. I'm sure he was thoughtful and expressed himself perfectly because I know how passionate he is about the subject.

If you had sneaked in to the back of the room, I bet no one would have noticed ;)

Alireza Mojarab said...

Hopefully his speech will be successful on Friday and he will be able to deliver his message to more people, especially with this new Clinton-McCain coalition to "Obliterate" Iran we all have to do something to prevent an invasion.

Ahmad said...

It's so heartwarming and encouraging to hear that a student here in US prepares such a topic (after all there are plenty of fun subjects that might get more audience). There is no doubt he'd be presenting it well. I'm proud too :)

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
مشاهده موفقیت و شادی فرزندان لذت خاصی دارد.نه فقط از این جهت که معمولا در آن موفقیت موثر و شریکند بلکه پاره ای از خود را در آن می بینند
عاقبت همه تان بخیر باد

Nazy said...

Salam Assal Jan:

No, I couldn't sneak in, it's just not how we do things around here, I have come to learn!

So, he didn't make it to the higher round in the tournament, but he says he received a lot of praise for his speech. I'm really glad he wanted to do it badly enough. I am encouraging him to write a piece about it now.

Be good sweet Assal and have a good Sunday. I'll be home cleaning house and paying bills. Stop by if you like.

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Mr. Mojarab!

Boy, you have been scarce! Thank you for your good wishes for my son. He did try out and I am proud of him for that.

The "obliteration" message was one of genocide on the Iranian people and I will never forgive Ms. Clinton for that. McCain of the "Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran" fame was never on my list to think about, so forgetting him is not a problem at all, but I did have esteem for Clinton as a Democrat and a woman, and both those points of esteem have now been "obliterated." Be good Mr. Mojarab.

Nazy said...

Salam Ahmad Jan:

I hadn't heard from you in ages! Then again, I have been very tardy in replying to comments. به قول شاعر:

مستمع صاحب سخن را بر سر ذوق آورد

Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I believe that it takes a special effort on the part of young Iranians to stay engaged and interested in Iran, so many thousands of miles away. My children are very irooni, much like their mother, but that would not necessarily mean that they would pay attention to politics pertaining to Iran. The fact that they are interested is a blessing for me and for them over the long haul.

Iran and Iranians are standing at a precarious historical point these days and everyone must help a safe passge through fostering understanding and compassion. I hope it works. Have a brilliant Sunday Ahmad Jan and come back again soon.

Nazy said...

سلام بر مسعود مهربان:

حرف شما را قبول دارم. البته همیشه می گویم که از همان شب اولی که اولین فرزندم به دنیا آمد و او را در یک تختخواب کوچک به سیاق آمریکا در اتاق بیمارستان من گذاشتند و او گریه می کرد و من نمیتوانستم او را ساکت کنم، فهمیدم که موجود دیگری، جدا و مستقل از من، با ترجیحات و شخصیت و نیازهای خودش از من متولد شده است و من بایستی این استقلال و جدایی او از من را درک کنم و با آن زندگی کنم. قسمت پیچیدهء این قصه این است که به عنوان یک مادر، تا آخر زندگی من، من و فرزندانم با یک بند ناف نامرئی همیشه متصل خواهیم بود. این را فقط من می دانم و حس می کنم و خوشبختانه این احساس یکطرفه است و باعث دردسر فرزندانم نخواهد شد!

به هر حال من فکر می کنم بهترین و با ارزش ترین کاری که کرده ام بچه دار شدن بوده است و این چیزی بوده است که همه روزه به من لذت و خوشحالی زیادی داده است، حتی روزهایی که "چراغ های رابطهء" ما تاریک بوده اند یا روزهایی که دردسرهای معمول بچه ها را برای من به ارمغان آورده اند.

خوب. خیلی حرف زدم! از این که بی توجه به بی معرفتی و قصور من در پاسخگویی باز هم همیشه آمده ای و به من سر میزنی و کلامی شیرین و مهربان و پر از فکر می گویی، از تو ممنونم. روز خوب و قشنگی در اهواز عزیزم برای تو آرزو می کنم. شاد باش مسعود مهربان.