Life, Simple And Beautiful

Children in Khorasan's Farizi Village, near Chenaran, May 21, 2008. Photo by Mohsen Bakhshandeh, IRNA.
Remember how afraid I have been of falling asleep in that dark, cool training room for the past couple of weeks? I have been choosing the corner station way at the back of the room, where a) if I fall asleep it would be noticed by a few and b) I can check my email, etc. without the entire class seeing me do it! My worst nightmare came true today--for someone else! Well, I watched a younger co-worker of mine succumb to sleep today, all the way in the front row! The funny thing was that it wasn't even 11:00 a.m. when it happened. Our chap must have had a wild night! Anyhow, even when it happens to someone else it feels uncomfortable and strange, wouldn't you say?
We live in a housing complex in the suburbs. Our homeowners' association has decided everyone must do some work on our townhomes before they come to paint the exterior next month. I didn't see the $1,600 bill that was coming my way until it was too late! Not that I had a choice. Anyhow, the contractor who came to do the work, a Czech man, called last night to arrange for payment. I said I would leave his check with my son. He asked what time I got home from work. I said "late," asking him why he needed to know. He said he wondered whether he could come visit and have dinner! Can you believe that?! Heeh! That was so bold and presumptuous of him. It reminded me of when I called to have our garbage disposal replaced last year. That evening the company sent a handyman, a nice Iranian man, to come take care of it. He stayed for a couple of hours, telling me and my niece and nephew some stories while he worked, leaving at 10:00 p.m. The next morning at 8:30 a.m., I received a call at work. It took me a few minutes to recognize the caller, the handyman. I asked what I could do for him, and he said he was calling to check to see whether my new garbage disposal was working properly! I said well, I was sure it was working just fine, but that really, I hadn't had time to test it between 10:00 p.m. last night and very early this morning! Anyhow, today I found myself hoping that the "bright star" that is supposed to be appearing in my sky, as prescribed by Masoud and Mojgan the other day, does not carry a hammer!
My older son finished his two-year college today. We will go to visit Santa Cruz this Friday. We are so excited.


Esfand` said...

I cant believe it .... hehe ... its soo hard to be the first one to write a comment on ur blog :D

this must be a lucky night :P hehe ... lolz... so I see now, you have been dreading that you might sleep :) Well ... then this training shud better be interresting! n yeah stumper questions do help :D but they hardly ever ask it from those who are sleeping :P hehe ...

I dont know ... but I always smile spontaneously when I see at some one who is sleeping in the middle of a talk, but then ... we have 2 compulsory sessions of 1 hours every week and one group meeting of 2 hours, and its not possible that one be fresh in all of them ... so no one minds sleeping in here :P
Although I have my ways to keep my self up :D

tea?? u shud go for coffee :D tea is light :D

and yes dont worry about this shinning star which will rise at ur horizon ... in fact just forget if u even know something about it :D
its more fun to be surprised :D
and honestly ... this was funny ... the way that guy asked for dinner ... and the handyman, haha... I hope u do enjoy these things in life too =)

and yes ... I will travel this summer, but dont know yet about where and when :P
there have been several plans :P but at the end it will all be random :D
plans have been as crazy as hawai, cali, north carolina, and yes ...I just cancelled my plan to visit minneapolis this comming weekend... so things at my end are crazy and random :P ... hehe ... I also have rough plans to attend a wedding in canada ... so lets see :D

have fun! and yes do let us know about ur adventures! =)

Anonymous said...

عجب آدمی بوده !!
این ور دنیا و این حرفا!!

خوشحالم که خوابت نبرد امروز
تبریک برای فرزند گرامی
مرضیه.. :)

Anonymous said...

راستی سنتا کلاز؟ یا کراز کی باشه اون وقت!!!؟؟
سئوالم خنده داره؟ نمی دونم خوب
این موقع سال سنتا کجا بودهههههه

Anonymous said...

Your post reminded me of an argument I had yesterday with an agency on the phone...
It was about a totally different issue, however they did not answer me clear and that made me more disappointed ... They disappointed me so much that last night I had
an awful sleep...
I am so busy and most of all worried these days, a condition which no one likes to be in!
You know Nazy jan, it's not good to be a responsible person! that is my conclusion when I look at myself! I am so responsible for everyone else around me that I take
the responsibility for everything and put a lot of pressure on myself and make my burden as heavy as it can tolerate! I am worried about my works too, which are so important these days,
and that gives me a lot of stress and pressure and a little sleep which even makes things worse!
I wish I could forget everything for a while and concentrate! I sometimes say this to myself
but when it comes to action I say no! I should do this for...so that I wouldn't regret later!!!
I sometimes feel I am so small for all these pressures when I look at my friends...!!

oooooooh.I am sorry Nazy jan, I wrote my whole "Darde del" here!!!

Congrats for your son. Try to enjoy every moment of happiness. You are a very good mother, your sons should be proud of you.
I wish you all the best.

Azita said...

Nazy Jan, funny handyman story. All my blessings and best wishes for the right kind of a “bright star” for you. You are a bright and shinning star yourself.


Mojgan said...

Nazy jan don't worry my darling, if one of those stars is carrying a hammer, I'll take him off your hands myself... home repair is so expensive ;-)
Congrats to both of you, another milestone reached and pushed out of the way.

Anonymous said...

سلام وپوزش.مي دونم كه دوست نداري وبلاگت تبديل به دارالترجمه بشه نازي جان..اما اگه يكي معني اينا رو به من بگه خيلي ممنون ميشم.معني كلمه ها رو مي دونم اما تركيب رو نمي فهممwalk lunges,abdominal crunches,jumping jacks...يك دنيا ممنون و يك دنيا پوزش ..

jeerjeerak said...

To the anonymous who asked about: walk lunges,abdominal crunches,jumping jacks

these are all different kind of exercises,
abdominal crunches: deraz-neshast
jumping jacks: parvaneh (?)
walking lunges: http://www.getfit.com.au/html/excercises/images/ex-legs-bum-dum-16.gif

Assal said...

Have a wonderful trip to Santa Cruz! Tell Kavian congratulations! I hope the road trip is a memorable one and you take pictures to share w/ us later!