Oh Soldier

Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery. Photo from here.
Today is Memorial Day in the US. This is the day American soldiers who lost their lives in wars are remembered.
War is such a horrible thing. It is the single impediment to human civilization's growth and elevation to higher levels. Sadly, wars require soldiers to fight them, survive them with wounds to their souls and their bodies, or die for them. There is no such thing as a "just war." As far as I'm concerned, all wars can be avoided with forsight and negotiation, and if they aren't avoided, the shame of that failure rests with political leaders not the soldiers. My heart weeps for all the young soldiers who have lost their innocent lives in wars, as well as all those whose lives were taken by the very same soldiers' bullets and bombs. I am saddened thinking about those soldiers' mothers and family, who waited for their loved ones' return, only to receive their news and remains. A soldier doesn't start a war, greedy politicians and warmongers do. He only takes orders and shoots when told. We mustn't hate the soldiers. We must remember them with kindness and love, and we must do something to avoid and stop wars.


مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
در فیلم نجات سرباز رایان در دم آخر سرجوخه به رایان می گوید :سعی کن در زندگی آدم درستی باشی و ارزش اینهمه جانفشانی این جوخه را داشته باشی. در انتهای فیلم ،رایان که مردی سالخورده است ،در همین قبرستان و در همین روز به همسر و فرزندانش میگوید:آیا من آدم درستی بوده ام؟
این سوءالی ست که من در قبال آنچه این سالها بر ایران و سربازانش رفته است از خودم می کنم.
ممنونم که مرا به تامل واداشتی

Noonoosh said...

I wonder how and where u find all these new and interesting subjects , each and every day .Well done.....