Wild flowers of Damavand. Photo by Mahnaz Nazmi, Iranian.com, May 10, 2008.
I said "I work at the University." She said "I know." I didn't pay much attention and our conversation continued. I said: "I was in Southern California recently and the traffic was awful." She said "I know." I decided I didn't like this "I know" business. So I said "What's your hobby?" She said "I know what your hobby is. You are a blogger. I Googled you and I read your blogs. I loved that story about....." It felt so strange to be having a conversation with someone who knew so much more about me than I knew about her. I became quiet. For the first time I wished I didn't have a blog, so I could be on equal terms with people, safeguarding my privacy.
Later, I took my wish back. Though it has had its trying moments, blogging has been one of the best things I have done for myself in my life. I am not a famous blogger, and I don't have many readers, but I am grateful for the ones I have, because most of them come to read me not by accident, but by choice. This past weekend, the total number of visits to my blogs for the past year exceeded 50,000. I suppose that's an important milestone for the scribblings of a very ordinary Iranian woman who decidedly (and doggedly) writes in English to promote a message and to accomplish a goal. I may have lost some of my privacy in the process of owning a blog, but I have also experienced so much joy in being able to reach a group of intelligent and beautiful people. Thank you for 50,000 hits of friendship and joy.


Anonymous said...

Salam Nazy Khanoom,

This post is so touching. It shows how honest and nice you are. I really enjoyed it.


Parinaz said...

Many years ago when I used to write poems and stories for some magazines, I met a girl on the bus who knew me very well, however, I did not know anything about her.Just the same question as yours arised for me and for months, I reviewed all my writings to see if I had revealed any private matters in them. I found nothing.
After these years, I've come up with this conclusion that a writer, writes her/his life and it is indispensable. A good reader can learn a lot about the writer bit by bit.
so, if you write, you are sharing your soul and heart and mind with the others and that's why the readers are connected to you and they chose to read what you offer.
I wish you every perpetual happiness my dear Ms.writer!

مسعود said...

ایتهاالحبیبه العزیزه
هذه دعائی الیکم من الله:
اللهم اشغل البلاگرین بالبلاگرین
واحشرهم مع احبائهم
وارزقهم رزقا حسنا
و وفق لهم لما تحب و ترضی
آمین یا رب العالمین

Anonymous said...

Nazy jan,
Your post reminded me of a lady in our office. Her response to everybody was: "I know, I know!"...:))

I really like your blog and that's because it is based on honesty. As the old saying says: "Bar del neshinad har aanche az del barayad".

Have a great day Nazy jan,

Anonymous said...

Dear Nazy

Your effort for writing is admirable. I really wish I were like you in this manner. Your writing style is unique and a signature by nazy, simple, honest, and full of love and life. These are so valuable dear nazy. Keep in mind I am always follow your posts and I am addicted to them. I am very keen on social issue and your writing has also some massages for me. I mean this help me to track your thinkings, hobbies, questions, and so on. In my oppinion many people are not too difficults to analyse. Even at the first glance one can discover all and end, but I can find something very very valuable on you. Your nice attitude toward the world. From this point I see you an especial women. They are not so many people like you.

Honestly, I also in my life learn loving the worlds through a girl and the only women of my life. I was so rational and powerfull in science till she destroied me and then helped me to construct a new one. For years after the first acquaince, I entered love into my life even by studying philosophy seriously. She was a turning point in my life. The story is so long even more than a long novel!!

I wish see you someday and give a warm thanks for your attempts and mission dear nazy. I rarely name someone successful, but I think you are.

All the best;

! said...

Dear Nazy azizam !
میدونی نازی جونم می می خوام به این پست دو تا گزیرش جواب بدم !!!
یکی به زبانی کاملا رسمی و دیگری کاملا عامیانه با استدلالهایی عوامانه !!!!
خوب در مجموع با این یکی که الان دارم می نویسم میشه 3 تا پس ...

Anonymous said...

می دونی نازی عزیزم
( راستی این یکی اون فیلسوفانه هست ها !!)
این حس رو که با کسی صحبت کنی که از تو خیلی می دونه و تو شاید راجع بهش هیج ندونی من تا به حال 3 یا 4 دفعه تجربه کردم !
قبول دارم که خیلی حس عجیب و در عین حال نا خوشایندی شاید باشه ، ولی نکته ای که اینجا هست اینه که وقتی آدم باید از این قضیه ناراحت باشه که چیز مخفی ای داشته باشه و نخواد کسی بفهمه !!!
در غیر این صورت من که مشکلی توش نمیبینم !!!!
این یک !
دوم اینکه نازی عزیزم تو یک بلاگر معروفی و فعال و بنظر من خیلی هم خواننده داری از سرتاسر دنیا !!
you are really an international woman , that I really prode of her and really love of reading her blog ...
3 really means the great friend you are for me ;)
خوب نمی دونم چرا این ها رو به اینگلیسی گفتم !!!!
شاید خجالت کشیدم به فارسی بگم
به نظر من تو با نوشتن معجزه می کنی نازی عزیزم ؛ آنچنان از یه مطلب به ظاهر غیر جالب یک داستان زیبا در میاری که واقعا آدم رو متعجب می کنه !!
خلاصه اینکه نازی عزیزم من که اگه روزی چند بار وبلاگت رو نبینم روزم شب نمیشه گویا ...
خوش باشی و موفق

! said...

خوب حالا با زبان داش مشتی ای و اصطلاحات مخصوص و استدلالهایی عامیانه !!!
ببین آبجی !
اگه اشکلی تو این قضیه بود که آدم و همه بشناسن ، پس باهاس این ری ایس جومهورا و بازیگرای تیاترو و آکتورای سین اِما رو که همه میشناسن نیمی شناختن خوب ، راستیتش اینریختی می شد که کسی اونوقت اصاً دیگه ری ایس جومهور نمیشد که !!!!1
درست نمیگم !!!1

! said...

خوب نازی عزیزم روز خوبی داشته باشی و خوش باشی :)

azita said...

Congratulations on your 50,000+ readers and your success. People may know bits and pieces about you through reading your blogs, but they don’t really know you as a person. Bloggers are more than their blogs, writing daily posts and sharing their hearts and soul is only a small portion of their lives, there is so much more to be discovered yet.

Anonymous said...

Nazy Joonam:

I used to love writing articles on Iranian.com when I was younger and one day I was attending my university's annual "Iranian Student Group Norouz Event" and my friend pulled me by the arm and said, "There's this guy here who wants to meet you, he's cute!" Imagine my surprise!

So, I walked over and my friend was right, He was cute. And he told me he'd been wanting to meet me because he really connected with the things I'd written and he felt it was as if it was his own thoughts being written by me. I spent that entire night with a HUGE smile on my face.

So...my point is: While it was strange to meet someone who actually knew you even though you didn't know them, it made me feel so good! It made the writing worth it. Sometimes when you write, you wonder what people are really thinking, whether they're getting it, whether they're paying attention. It was nice to see that someone was paying attention. For me, that one person has always been enough to make me feel happy.

For you, congratulations. It would be my dream to one day have 50,000 hits!!! Here's to 1,000,000 hits!!

With Love!

iPouya said...

I'm not going to lie, your blog title is awesome and was reason enough for me to come pay you a visit.

Love the blog.

iPouya (Berkeley alum)

Esfand` said...

:D yes, I visit you by choice, to see simple beautiful things in life, which I do forget in all the rush and speed that I am in.... and I believe it is true for most of the other people around....

We all love you and you are famous ;) now dont be so modest!

Congrats on achieving 50,000+, and I would say, way to go! You have a long enjoyable journey ahead .... I would like to read you every day!

hehe...I dont read news paper as much, or to say dont even visit CNN.com this often :P

About privacy, well .... we all have these moments when we feel kinda awkward. I was there on this social networking site, where I had my picture on, and some how it is not as safe as facebook.com so one day I met a guy who said he knows me, and I was ... like... how? and he said thru orkut.com ... and that day and this ...I dont dare put my pic up there... hehe.... I was kinda freaked out :P

but it turns out... its not just all scary, it can be fun too! :)

Like did I mention about me getting stalked by my girl friend :P hehe .... so there are these moments we all enjoy! :)

Keep writing ~

Assal said...

Happy happy joy joy congratulations on so many hits!!!!!!!!

I am excited to be one of those 50,000,000!!!!!

Mersedeh said...

Hi Nazy Jan,

Despite our different outlooks on blogging and the whole world of "online writing", I hope you realize that I am quite happy that you do blog. (how else would we have met!?!)

I think the 50,000+ number is cool, but what I find great is the way you have turned your blog into a tool to enrich and fulfill your own life and vice-versa ~~your life has enriched your blog~~

You are a person who never runs out of things to talk about and you have a following of listeners eager to hear it all. I pray that all of your stories from here on forward will be happy ones.


Mersedeh & Samantha

Nazy said...

Ay Shahrzad-e-UAE, Ay Doost-e Man:

Salam! I have missed you girl! Thank you so much for coming and for your kind words. How did your exams go? Are you relaxing now? I hope you are enjoying life my friend. Please come back again soon!

Nazy said...

Parinaz-e Azizam:

I know what you mean. And in fact, in a way, a writer does want to share his/her life and mind with others, so there can't be any complaints! What good is it to write if you have no readers? What good is being read if a piece of what was read does not settle and stay in the reader' mind? I was just surprised that day, that's all!

I remember a blogger wrote some nasty replies to her readers somewhere recently. The next time she wrote a post, she got no comments! She wrote: "Please come back. I'm sorry!" People went back after she begged them enough! Heeh! The whole thing made me laugh! The best part of blogging for me is the interaction that happens in the comments section. This is where I meet people and hear their viewpoints, a very rewarding result for the effort if you ask me.

Much like the judge in your true story today, I am only human, too! I love reading your posts. Please come back again soon my talented friend.

Nazy said...

Ahlan va Sahlan Ya Habibi Masoud!


You had me laughing for the longest time! You are sooo funny!

Nazy said...

Salam Pardis Jan:

I know, I know! Thank you so much for our kind words. Yes, these words do come from my heart and I appreciate your heart for hearing mine. I'm so glad you are visiting me more again Pardis Jan. You are an excellent Shirazi Girl! Have a brilliant Wednesday!

Nazy said...

Dear Intelligent Soshiyans:

Oh My God! Such fabulous compliments coming from such a special person--this means a lot to me! Be careful not to spoil me too much, as this might all go to my head any minute now!

Mehdi, I just love the way you talked about your first love and the impact she had on your life! I think it extraordinary for a young Iranian man to be able to say the words you said with such honesty. Good on you! That explains a lot about the reasons for your depth. I am honored you shared those thoughts with me. Thank you very much for your continued friendship and presence. Be happy my special friend.

Nazy said...

Salam Uni-Far the Philosopher and Daasham!:

Thanks so much for all the ways in which you wrote for me today! Ha Ha! I'm afraid your sweet compliments won't make me into a famous blogger!

I have a set of special readers and that's really quite good for me, more than I probably deserve!

Well, my days aren't complete unless I hear from you, either, so there!

Be good and happy generous Farshad!

! said...

نازی جونم سلام
خیلی ممنونم از کلامهای محبت آمیزت :)
راستی روز خوبی داشتی ؟؟؟
تو همین الان هم بلاگر خیلی خوب و معروفی هستی

Nazy said...

Salam Azita Jan:

Thank you. I agree with you wholeheartedly. As I have explained before, I talk about a lot of things and I avoid talking about many more. I don't talk about heartbreaks and betrayals, not because I don't know them, but precisely because I do. Some think that my leaving those sentiments out makes me appear as overtly happy, as I have also explained recently. I think in my space I am entitled to say as I wish, as much and about whatever I want. In fact I do have posts in which I have talked about my pains and aches, too, but only when the mood struck me. So, it is quite true that only parts of me are known here, good or bad, happy or sad.

Thank you for coming Azita Jan. I came to visit your blogs today. Whenever you feel like it, say something about yourself so others can know you better and come to read your intelligent and passionate blogs. Be good.

Nazy said...

Dear Wonderful Anonymous:

So, did you intentionally leave your name out? I loved how you described your experience as a writer. I know exactly what you mean when you say you wondered what your audience were thinking. Hah! Sometimes I want to follow my writings into people's homes and watch their faces as they read to see their reactions! Of course that is only when I think I have written something really special, something that was born from me!

Why aren't you writing anymore? You are very good, and obviously you have tasted the joys of writing. My brother says those who have stories in them must write them. You sound like you have stories in you!

Be happy azizam and please come again.

Nazy said...

Aghaye iPouya:

What an honor to have you visit my humble blog! I went to see your blogs, brimming with intelligence and passion. A Cal grad, how absolutely fabulous!

Please come back again soon and I will come visit, too. It's a pleasure meeting you. Do you live around here?

Nazy said...

Salam Esfand Jan:

Thank you for your kindness and wisdom. Hee Hee, that was funny about the guy on Orkut! I hope you are pursued by many many girls!

Thank you for being so supportive, Esfand Jan.

I hope you have a brilliant Wednesday.

Nazy said...

Salam Assal Jan:

It's more like you are about 12,000 of those hits!

Thank you sweatheart! Cheshmet roshan for Parham's return azizam.

Nazy said...

Salam Farshad Jan:

Oh my god, I don't remember my day anymore, it's so late in the night (or early into the next day!)!

I had a long but fabulous day. I had lunch with my friend Maryam, did a bunch of work at work, went to see my friend Farrokh after work, and accomplished replying to my comments and working on my volunteer work tonight! A very good day indeed!

I hope you are having a nice day in Tehran. I must go to bed now!

Nazy said...

My Dear Birthday Girl, Mersedeh:

Happy Birthday my friend. I won't be deterred from daily blogging anytime soon, even if you and I have many healthy and heated discussions about it! It took me years to be able to write again, and now that I am writing, I find this outlet quite satisfying and fitting for my purposes.

Heeh, you and I met because we were meant to meet, blog or not, and I'm glad for it!

I hope you have a great birthday, full of joy and love. Be good azizam.

! said...

نازی عزیزم خوب بخوابی و خوابهای عالی ببینی!!!
تهران هم جات خالی بارونی است شدیدا و آفتاب هم در اومده و یه رنگین کمان زیبا رو ایجاد کرده و همه ی این ها رو امروز خدا و آسمون به من هدیه کردن !!!
آخه می دونی امروز روز تولد منه !!!
دو دوره در زندگی ما گذشت و 24 ساله شدیم !!!
خوب بخوابی

ا. ش. said...

سلام بر نازی عزیز! همیشه افتخاری است برای ما خواندن نوشته هایت و افزون بر آن دمی را در فضای تو به سر بردن. همان طوری که یونی-فر جان به درستی اشاره کرده شما نویسنده ی بزرگی هستی که افراد بسیاری می شناسندت و شناس و ناشناس تحسینت می کنند، زیرا نوشته هایت نور امید در دل ها می افشاند و مهر در قلب ها می نشاند. من هم به نوبه ی خودم برایت آرزوی خیر و برکت روزافزون دارم. همیشه شاد باشی تا دیگران از شادی ات بهره ها ببرند. تولد یونی-فر جان هم مبارک باشد!ء

Mojgan said...

My dear celebrity friend :0)
'tis a tough one, but I am sure you'll get used to it, and you'll enjoy the attention and the spotlight!
Some people are meant to be known by many, for they have much to offer. You, my dear Nazy are one of those who is destined to be loved and admired by many. That's why you have the gift of writing and sharing your thoughts and experiences. Reading your inner thoughts and feelings make your readers feel close to you, well that's more than 50000 people and counting... :0)

! said...

خیلی ممنونم استاد عزیزم :)

Nazy said...

Salam Bar Alef Shin!

Thank you for coming and saying something again! It's been a long time, and I miss you and your wisdom very much.

You are endlessly kind to me, as usual. I had hoped to be able to come to Tehran this summer to visit my friends and family, but alas it hasn't worked out for me to do it. Delamo saboon zadeh boodam shoma ha ro bebinam! Someday soon, I hope! My best to your beautiful family both in Universal Dimension and at home.

Nazy said...

Salam Mojgan Joon:

Thank you for the compliments. Ha Ha, Celebrity! That's really funny! I wished it were true, because if I were really a celebrity, I would know what to do!

The most unfair part of this "Googling" business has to do with my more personal life. More than once, I have gone out to tea or lunch with men who have told me they have Googled me and have read things I had written. Somehow that is a "show-stopper" for me! I am talking to a stranger I'm trying to learn and know, and he already has so much information on me, including what I made for dinner last night! That's unfair! For the most part, then, in the very very infrequent occasions when I go out with someone, I try and keep my writing activities a secret for as long as I can, and if I can help it, also my full name, because everyone Googles everyone these days, whether or not they have been published before! Yikes! This one is a hard pill to swallow, that's all I can say.

Are you enjoying your Saturday?