An Embrace With Words

My Friday gift to you: watch this happy and uplifting clip. Kuban Ensemble, formerly 40-Daf, perform in Tehran in January 2008. Group leader is Vandad Massah Zadeh, and lead singer is Nima Rahmati on Kamancheh. Enjoy!

It's Friday. We're back! It was a very good and tiring day. I will have to write a separate post, telling you about Santa Cruz through a few pictures I have taken. This is a short post just to wish you all a very good and relaxing weekend. Iden came by this week to take his finals and to leave our parts for Los Angeles, where he will be reuniting with his family. For the four months that he did stay with us, the young man grew immensely in my heart. When I was saying goodbye to him, I reached and gave him a big hug, telling him more with that embrace than I could in words, sending him off with love. I think through that embrace he heard me tell him that whenever he wants, he can come back and stay for as long as he wants. I think he also heard me say how much I will miss him. When he left, I thought to myself that I should hug people more, because I can tell things to them this way which I can't otherwise! So, this is my advice for you, too, this weekend. Go and hug people around you, conveying messages which are hard to tell otherwise. Now, here's the key to doing this as happened with Iden, too--when we hug people and tell them things this way, we must be prepared to hear some similar messages from them! I heard Iden's message yesterday. I hope you send and receive good messages through your embaces this weekend, too. Have a wonderful weekend y'all.


مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
این همان بارانیست که همه چیز را پر از طراوت می کند.خداوند زیادت کند
وقتی میگویند روز داوری اعضاء بدن حرف میزنند همین است دیگر.با نگاه چیزی میتوان گفت که با زبان نه.با آغوش حسی منتقل میشود که بزبان در نمی آید.حس پیوند،حمایت،دلگرمی،دلتنگی.بروم تا آغوشم در آنروز ساکت نباشد و بگوید مثل امروزی که دخترم از شهرستان آمد در بغلم آرام گرفت و چها که نگفتیم بی زبان

مسعود said...


بانوي جشنواره زمستان said...

سلام نازي عزيز
من خيلي با اين نظر موافقم
خيلي وقت ها بوده كه دوست داشتم آدم ها رو ببوسم يا در آغوش بگيرم
اما در خيلي از موارد مجبور بودم كه اين كار رو نكنم. به دليل جايي كه در اون زندگي مي كنم و يا نوع بينش آدم هاي اطراف... بهر حال من خيلي از اين موضوع ناراحتم ، چون مجبورم قسمتي از خودم رو در روابطم وارد نكنم

Esfand` said...

a big warm hug for u!!! =)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Mehran said...

nazy janam
Have a good long weekend, I will call you

! said...

سلام نازی جونم باز من چند روز نبودم وکلی پست نخونده !!!
من باز هم رفتم مسافرت
وای که چقدر خوش گذشت
جات واقعا خالی بود ...
خوب پست ها رو می خونم و بر می گردم !!!

Daisy said...

Another prefect "Friday Post". I didn't have internet for a while but it's back on and I'm back as well:)

I want to thank you for sharing Tjeknavorian's interview (I was waiting for it). It was such a wonderful piece and very impressive. It truly touched my heart and made me so proud to be a woman.
have a good week