The Things I Say

German Vogel Ruiz, a Chilean man, observing the threats of war on Iran, decided to go and discover Iran for himself in 2007. He has put his findings into this video clip, advocating "No War on Iran." Interesting and moving.

I had dinner with my friend Enayat. We had an interesting talk about writing (what's good and interesting to write) and reading (what's good and interesting to read). We talked about self-censorship among bloggers, about what they choose to write and what they choose to leave out. It was an interesting discussion, very thought provoking. Though I know I don't write about some things by choice, I doubt that I'm overly obsessed with self-censorship in my blogs. It would be very boring if I had to watch everything I say, taking all the joy out of the activity. I know to some people it might appear as though I am "too positive," or "too happy." I can't help that, because for the most part, I am what I write about. I do have sadder posts or more reflective ones, but when at the end of a day I sit down to write, I mostly remember and celebrate the good things I did and saw and felt that day. What can I say? Especially when some things don't go right, I feel moved to see and appreciate the things that do! That is the way I cope with life. My life is beautiful, not because there isn't ugliness in this world or that I don't see it, but precisely because I do. Am I making any sense?


Anonymous said...

Dear Nazi,
It is a very good and nice feature in some people like you, to be very happy,optimist, and easygoing...for a thousand times a day, I wish I were like that. But some people- maybe like me- were born with everything but optimism. Take a look at my blogs at: www.pendarshayesteh.blogspot.com

Daisy said...

Nazy jon,
You make a perfect sense. That is a healthy attitude toward life. I believe blessing comes with gratitude.

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم

هموار کرد خواهی گیتی را
گیتی ست کی پذیرد همواری

واقعیت همینست

Assal said...

You completely make sense. The world around us is what doesn't make sense. Your positivity is beautiful~

Esfand` said...

YES!! dear Nazy, you are making total sense!
Who would like to sit back and write about only all the bad things that happened, and yes you do write about what ever happened/happens. I am glad that there are mostly good and positive things around you! :)
Even if there are some things other way round I am so sure you know the trick of how to make them be positive. Keep going Azizam!

Esfand` said...

wow! nice video !! ... still some time left for me to visit Iran, some months ... lets see when does my life takes me there.

HEHE... dedicated to maryam :D
thats sweet! :P

Germán said...

Hey, many thanks for having given my video some publicity here! :)

And more glad coming from a person who claims to be positive hehe. I'm definitely positive and try to encourage a positive atmosphere about Iran at my YouTube channel (germanicus24).

Sometimes it gets so tough when most Iranians abroad first want to impose their own political views and get their country stained, which really breaks my heart as a non (non-Iranian-related non-Muslim XD).

I've heard Iranians are really good at complaining, but dear God, with all the genuine and almost exclusive treasures they've got and that their country keeps sheltering against our Western arrogance and sometimes subtle sometimes shocking impositions, how can they afford to endanger such beauties of existence and human evolution with irresponsible remarks?

I am so looking forward to get back to Iran as soon as possible, this time to live there for a while and turn my intentions into concrete service for Iran through scientific research even if its just one more number to add to some statistics :) Isn't life too short to not make something productive of it?

Kindest regards from Chile, and many thanks once again!