Dance of Hope

Paris-based Iranian dancer, Sahar Dehghan, performs a modern dance with a Persian inspiration. Music and cello by Homayoun Khosravi. I wonder if my friend, Sabereh Kashi, made this video. It's beautiful music and a beautiful dance by a beautiful dancer. Enjoy!

I hope you guys have a good week ahead of you. I am struggling with some hard things and I hope to be free of a lot that bothers me these days soon. Any good vibes sent my way will be greatly appreciated! Who knows? Maybe when I'm free of all that keeps me bugged down these days, I can tell you some great stories! My pains always turn into good stories with hindsight! For my part and as always, I send each and every one of you waves of love and good wishes. Be good y'all.


Anonymous said...

I just love your blog, and appreciate your sense of honesty and hope. Is there any way you could share with us what is bugging you? Thank you.

bayramali said...

My dearest Nazy
we all miss Nazy who we use to know, but I am sure everything gonna be all right . don't worry and be patent

Hyacinth said...

Nazy jan,

Sending you good vibes and happy thoughts, hoping that anything that's bothering you passes quickly and gets replaced with sunshine and love and laughter.

يكي مثه همه said...

Wishing you happy moments, wide smiles and a heart full of joy!
just think of it you will feel it.

کاوه said...

Dear Nazy,

I really really liked this clip and am so keen to link to it on my facebook profile! but the thing is I think it's much more meaningful together with the title you have chosen for it but linking to that doesn't let the video play. Would you mind if I use your title when I link to this video on my profile wall? it's more than an hour now that I'm thinking of other potential titles to avoid plagiarism but still your title is by far better than all! btw, whatever the answer, your weblog is brilliant!!

Nazy said...

Dear Kaveh:

Please feel free to use whatever you want from my humble blog. I am impressed with a man who loves dance! Please forgive my tardy reply. Life has been crazy.

کاوه said...

Dear Nazi,

Thanks a lot for the permission, I've been checking here every day wishing such a response! and it's great to have the kind reply and another interesting post (the "boro baba" story) at the same time! To me this Dance was the "Dance of Hope" for changes in Iran...(please allow me to be honest and confess that I've already stolen your title the night before Mr Rafsanjani's historical speech to encourage my friends in Iran, but I put it in quotations of course! so this is me wishing forgiveness...although now with your permission I feel less guilty: Thanks!)
P.S. As long as you have this magic writing style, you shouldn't worry about life, just enjoy your immortality, please!