Love Songs

Ebi sings Ghebleh, one of my most favorite love songs.

Do you have a love song you would like to share with me?

It's that kind of night!

Be good and happy everybody. Don't forget love!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea Nazy Khanoom!

Here's my favorite love song of all time, Layla by Eric Clapton.


Have a good night!


Daisy said...

And this is one of my favourite love songs by Reza Sadeghi (babay baron).



Mehdi Jamei said...

I have a great one:

By the way I'm not sure if you received my email or not Nazy jan.

Hyacinth said...

Nazy jan,

One of my absolute favorite love songs is "Soghati" by Hayedeh...


Also, one of my favorite love poems is Pablo Neruda's "Love Sonnet LXXXI"...and pretty much any other Neruda poem as well :)


Anonymous said...

My love song is PICHAK by Ebi...
I just cry whenever I listen to it!

Be good Nazy jan1

Ehsan said...

Mine is:
"I want to spend my lifetime loving you" by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena

austin said...

Oh, there is a wonderful band from Oakland called Charming Hostess (an odd name, I don't know what it has to do with their music). Here are two of their most lovely love songs:

"Dame La Mano"


(based on a traditional Ladino song... the first verse means "If the sea were made of milk, with cinnamon-sticks for boats, I would plunge in and stain myself completely just to save one glimpse of you.")


"The Touch of Her Hands"


(which is from the actual diary/love letters of Walter Benjamin)

Here is another favorite of mine, by Van Morrison:


(note: when you follow these links, you will see a large colorful banner which suggests signing up to download files, but if you ignore this you will find a much less conspicuous link lower on the page that goes directly to the music -- there is no need to sign up for anything)

Thank you for sharing so much of your heart,... may it bring you good returns!

Esfand` said...

Just as I was thinking, which song am I going to write about... I heard this song from my play list...

Esena Mono - by Kaiti Garbi


And know what ...I also found a farsi cover of this song :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9yZAmQrDS0

Heres a translation of the original greek song:
No one else = Esena Mono (only you)
Is on my mind
No one else
Is closer to me

No one else
Can be beside me
I have a
very big problem

No one else
Do I approach
I'll put my dreams
In your hands

No one else
Is in my heart
The things they say
They will say in front of you

You are the only one
That I hold in my arms
Happiness and hurt
I share with you

You are the only one
Who touches me
My heart and body
I give only to you

I have never met
Anyone else
Who can solve the magic
of my loneliness

I have felt like this
About anyone
You are a part
Of my every thought

I haven't yet
Found anyone
Who can change
The color of the sky

I haven't put
Anyone before you
Your heart should not
Be afraid of me

You are the only one
That I hold in my arms
Happiness and hurt
I share with you

You are the only one
Who touches me
My heart and body
I give only to you

My heart and body
I give only to you