Memory of A Sign

I found this picture in a German man's travelogue of his trip to Iran on a bicycle in 2002. This picture reminded me of a memory. I rememer we were having our annual family reunion in Rasht with my then in-laws. Guests were arriving from everywhere, including Tehran. A wonderful older lady, Azar Khanoom, had also come with her son, who was my friend on top of being related to me through marriage. When they arrived at Hotel Kadous in Rasht, I asked her son where Azar Khanoom was and he said she wasn't feeling well. I felt so bad for her, so I asked him what was the matter with her and whether she needed to be seen by a doctor. He said she had been in such a good mood for going to Rasht and so happy to be visiting with family. All through the drive to Rasht, she had been in a great mood until they had come upon these signs which say Peech-e-marg-avar, or "life threatening bends." He said when she saw the signs her mood changed and she became worried that they might have an accident and die around one of those bends! By the time they arrived, she had been so stressed out, she had to go to bed and rest! Heeh! We laughed so much and everytime I saw Azar Khanoom, I asked her about her experience on the Tehran-Rasht road! I think the transportation authorities went a little overboard with their warning, wouldn't you say?! The skeleton head is a real overkill, if you forgive the pun! Anyhow, the picture reminded me of sweet memories and I thought I would share.
Considering everything, I had a relatively good day today. Thank you all so very much for your good wishes and good vibes. They helped a lot! Have a great Tuesday everybody!

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Anonymous said...

Salam Nazy jan;
yes it is!It could be simply peech e khatarnak!
Thank you for sharing your not! very sweet memory(cheshmak!);)and gald everything is fine with you.
rasti,tonight is cold abit since it is not cloudy.
merci az ahval porsi azize mehraban