Get Out There And Vote!

Tomorrow is Elections Day in the U.S. My younger son and I will go to vote early in the morning. My older son will be voting in Santa Cruz. If you are U.S. Citizens, I urge you to go out there and vote. To be able to vote is one of the most important and precious privileges an individual can enjoy anywhere in the world. Even today in so many different parts of our world people are not allowed to participate in choosing their leaders through fair elections. So many people in our world have given their lives to struggles for gaining the right to vote and to be heard. A person who doesn't vote is not counted and is not heard. I take the responsibility with care and with honor. It doesn't matter for whom or what you vote, so long as you vote. The best part of a democracy is being able to cast that vote and accepting the outcome no matter who wins. Do your part and accept the outcome. Help make this country and the rest of the world a better place. Your vote is that important.


Anonymous said...

سلام نازی جان

من هم خیلی هیجان زده ام برای انتخابات آمریکا! حالامرا سنه نه!نمی دنم. انتخاب هم بین 2 نفره فقط! راستی چرا!؟ اوکی چشن تولد هم که داشتی به به! پس کو عکس کیک!!؟ چه غذاهائی ساختی...یام و خوش گل. نوش جان
شاد و سالم و سرافراز باشی

مرضیه .

احسان said...

Hi Nazy jan,

Residents of California have another decision to make which, in my opinion, is as important as the election of the US President. That is Proposition 8 which tries to ban same sex marriage. It is a chance for Californians to demonstrate progress and make history by defeating this measure.

Nazy said...

Dear Marzieh:

Of course US elections have significance for other people in the world, whether or not they are citizens of this country! Look at how policies of this country have affected the lives of people in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past decade or more. Look at how policies made in the US have affected its economy and the US economy in turn, has affected the rest of the world.

Hey, I did put a picture of the cake on an October 16th post! Jaat khaali bood Marzieh Joonam!

Be good aziz-e delam!


Nazy said...

Ehsan Jan:

You are so very right! I just came back from voting. I voted no on Prop 8.

Hey, is this what it takes to bring you out here? Talk about politics?! I miss you and Maryam very very much.


احسان said...

Maryam and I miss you too. I visit here often but I admit I do not leave as many comments as I should.