Kiosk in San Francisco

Camera time! I went to see Kiosk perform in San Francisco last Friday night. My friends had come along, too, making it a very special occasion to be in the company of great music and friendship. His Majesty was there. Bayramali was there, too. Poor Leva had been so sick, but she and Vahid had somehow managed to come. Beautiful people! Ehsan was there, too, but no Maryam (boo hoo hoo, I miss her!).
Kiosk are taking their new Album, Global Zoo, Bagh-e-Vahsh-e-Jahani, on the road. It's a great album you guys! I got my CD! We had a treat, because the great young Iranian composer and guitarist, Babak Amini was at the concert. Superb!
I went with Omid. He is finishing his last year of graduate studies at Berkeley's School of Journalism.
I ran into so many of my good friends. This is Avideh Zahedi. She is a sculpture artist. She is also a very sweet and funny woman.
I also ran into Maryam and Ali, who were exuberant and joyful as usual. A great young couple.
Hadi had brought his brother Javad, and I got a chance to see sweet Jeerjeerak and Babak, my wonderful blogger friends. Too bad we couldn't see each other more. Left to right, Ehsan, Hadi, Babak, Leila, and Javad.
Out on the patio, were my other friends Lale Welsh, Babak Khiavchi of Kiosk, and Bruce Bahmani. Bruce said his new Rostam comic book is coming out soon. Great!
I tried to get a picture of Leva which she would let me use. It's hard, you know! She is sooo picky!
Kiosk sang their hearts out for us. It was really wonderful. When the song Jaddeh-ye-Khoshbakhti was up, Arash dedicated it to Luna (Shad), the love of his life. That was so sweet you guys. Look at this short clip of one of their new songs.


jeerjeerak said...

It was so good to see you that evening Nazy joonam. The concert was great, but what made it special for me was being among the good friends:)
Love you lots.

ahmad said...

Have already started listening to the new album. They are very creative.

Thanks Nazy-jan for the photo-report :) Wish I could be there. Need to bug Ehsan to see why he was there single ;) Joking.

maral said...

I wish I could be there.