For Obama and Change

"Iranian composer Farshid Amin has writen a great song called 'Pray with me' which was performed at a gala for Barack Obama two weeks ago. Lionel Richie and The Pointer Sisters also submited songs but Farshid's was chosen. He has been invited to perform the song on election night at the Democratic Victory Gala in Orange County. He is the first Iranian singer ever to perform on election night. Please watch the clip and pass it to all your friends who want a positive change." From my friend, Souri. I just love that Farshid Amin whom we all know for his 6/8 songs to which I have personally danced endlessly (!), has written such a beautiful song, reaching a world audience. Good for him. Share this with others if you can!

And while I'm at it, I would like to invite you all to read Obama's Call on my friend Mina's blogs. It is a brilliant piece, full of hope about what America would be like after Obama is elected.

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