The Persian Winter

A fire crackles
A tray of nuts awaits
A book of poetry beckons
Inside, Hafez holds court
Wise and receiving
A bowl of pomegranate seeds winks
A candle burns bright and true
Mother’s quilt kind and soft
The long night outside
The Persian woman sits
Focused and hopeful
A prayer on her lips
The book warming her hands
The candle calling her close
The fire whispering her dreams
Mehr embracing her
As she opens the book
The long night outside
Wisdom said
Hopes expressed
Fears vanished
Tomorrow a beautiful image
Today a blissful addition
The Persian Winter looms
Warm and kind
Receiving and soothing
The long night outside.


mehrdad ghaffari said...

enshalah beh salamati e shoma

Anonymous said...

مرسی عزیزم
شاد باشی همیشه