Do you remember the family wedding I told you about in September? The one my sons and I attended with some of my other siblings? I already told you briefly about the gathering on the night before the wedding, the Hana Bandan. I went to a Pagosha party for that couple at my older sister's house this afternoon. A Pagosha is when a family honors the newly-married couple by throwing a party for them shortly after the wedding. In a way, the brand new couple's new status as "a family" is celebrated this way. In Iran, where families are a lot bigger and there are more of them around to throw parties, it is usually a very exciting and exhausting time for families of the bride and the groom who are invited to one Pagosha after another for several weeks following a wedding. In these parts a family wedding and a Pagosha are novelties for us! My sweet niece (she is my "naveh amoo") and her lovely husband make such a perfect couple. Spending time visiting with them and the family and celebrating the love and joy a newly-married couple's presence exudes was really a great thing to do on a Sunday! As is always the case with formal Iranian occasions, the food was fabulous and elaborate, and I ate entirely too much! After our early dinner we sat around and talked about all kinds of things including, but not limited to the upcoming elections. As I have said before, when we are near our families, we don't really need to do or say very much to send and receive loving energies from one another. All we have to do is to be in the same room with them and the vibes start flowing by themselves! I'm not surprised, therefore, to be feeling really peaceful and calm tonight after the recent turmoils and stresses I have been experiencing. Life is beautiful. (And I need to go on a diet.)


Anonymous said...

Hello Nazy-joon, dear lovely one! Ray is excited about his celebrity status on your blog! He meowed in Farsi "More treats!" last evening. I hope to see you soon. Domo arigato for taking care of our Ray. We are glad you came to like him. -Kerry-san (the Japanese way)

Pedestrian said...

Aren't Iranian weddings beautiful?

I know that - especially in Iran - they are exhausting, filled with gossip and rumor and .........

But at the end of the day, I think they are beautiful ceremonies. Right from the hanbandan to the pagosha.

They celebrate family, love and togetherness ...

Gosh, I miss Iran!

Nazy said...

Sweet Kerry-San! Fancy seeing you in my humble blogs!

I am telling the story of my stay in your wonderful house and Ray is at the center of my story!

I doubt he had a chance to learn Farsi, but I did speak Farsi to him! He is the sweetest cat ever, so gentle and so well-mannered! I'll be sure to come around and visit with him again soon! Be good my friend!

Nazy said...

Dear Pedestrian:

Welcome to my home! Thank you so much for visiting and for your sweet comment. Yes, Iranian weddings are the best because at the root of them is a celebration of love and respect for families. Weddings are a BIG DEAL in Iran, occasions for which families save a lifetime. Celebrations are definitely in order by the time a wedding takes place.

I am quite puzzled and confused about a brand new custom Iranians have at their weddings these days and that is the Knife Dance. Where did that one come from? Certainly it didn't use to be a part of the wedding ceremonies when I was growing up in Tehran. I'm not too fund of that ceremony as a result!

Thanks again for coming and I hope to be able to see you again. I did come and visit your very interesting blogs! I'll come back again soon.